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10 Best BLACKPINK Songs You Need To Listen

BLACKPINK, The biggest K-Pop girl group around the globe, are currently touring across the globe following the release of their second album, Born Pink. Despite the controversy which surrounds their Four Pinks, regardless of where they travel, their shows have been a huge success so far. They have provided fans with the audience with Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa performing their most popular hits, along with various songs from their most recent album.

It has me thinking about the tracks I’d think of as the absolute best BLACKPINK tracks ever, especially since they now have enough songs that a list of top 10 songs wouldn’t be an exhaustive list of every single song released. It’s possible to add greater, naturally, but this isn’t the location for me to write my third essay on how awful the management of BLACKPINK can be, and I’ll choose to leave it at that for the moment.

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List of BLACKPINK Songs

1. Lovesick Girls (The Album, 2020)

I believe it’s a good idea to think that “Lovesick Girls” is still the most intriguing BLACKPINK song. However, it may not be the best representative of their style or appearance. However, I find it intriguing regardless of how often I play it. I like that it separates it from the Usual BLACKPINK Formula(tm) and the nostalgic feel, as well as the song’s chorus, which doesn’t only contain a drop but allows the Pinks the chance to be heard. The fact that it’s at the top of the list definitely is based on my preference, as “Lovesick Girls” is the track most appeals to them from their entire discography, both in songs and lyrics. Yet, I am convinced that, in the end, it’s among the most distinctive songs in their catalogue, and I’d like to see them release something similar to it in the future.

2. As If It’s Your Last

There’s a bit of a divide in the fandom regarding “As As If You’re Your Last” and whether it’s the “right” track for BLACKPINK. Based on the fact that I’ve placed it in the second spot, it’s easy to guess my position on this issue. I am in love all the way to the moon, and I never tire of hearing it. It’s so good that it’s been a regular on my Spotify Wrapped since I came across BLACKPINK and began to listen to their songs. I enjoy how bubbly and funky it is, how vibrant and its bridge is among the most memorable bridges BLACKPINK ever gave us.

3. Shut Down (Born Pink, 2022)

Freshly released and feeling more than great, “Shut Down” has increased in popularity to be among the top 3 BLACKPINK songs ever–and my primary reason lies in the fact that very few other songs from their discography truly define what BLACKPINK are and the image they convey collectively in the same way than “Shut Down.” Like, “HOW YOU LIKE THAT” and “PINK VENOM” can do whatever they like; however, the song “Shut Down,” with its calm swagger and unhurried self-assurance, effectively conveys how influential and powerful and influential the Pinks are. 

In particular, now that they’re mature, which is the reason that is what sets “Shut Down” from (and over) in comparison to “DDU-DU DDU-DU.” Why does it not rank higher on the list? It’s an issue of age–I’ve had more time to enjoy and become a fan of the songs in the top two spots. In addition, they just satisfy my preferences much better than “Shut Down”,–but not denying the Pinks the latest single’s excellence could be impossible.

4. DDU-DU DDU-DU (Square Up, 2018)

“DDU-DU DDU-DU”, also called D4, is possibly the most well-known BLACKPINK track from the entire catalogue. This was the time that genuinely exploded them globally, their huge return after their last big break and a natural progression of the story that began with “BOOMBAYAH” and could effectively be the song that would establish BLACKPINK as the Pinks as the ultimate princesses of the girl crush concept during the 3rd generation. I ranked it in the middle in the upper three, but I believe it captures a period of the history of BLACKPINK that has passed, but it’s still an evocative song of their sound and appearance as a band. I’m not saying that it’s not a good song, but it’s. But, as the Pinks have become more popular as performers and idols, they have an upcoming song that conveys this.

5. WHISTLE (Square One, 2016)

Do you believe that BLACKPINK debuted by releasing “WHISTLE”? It’s easy to see why they could have picked “BOOMBAYAH” as their opening single. I believe it will stand to the test of time well and definitely be better than the debut single. I like the slightly hushed tones, the smooth rap of Jennie and the whistling sound. I enjoy when BLACKPINK’s sound is loud and powerful; however, I prefer their more mellow side. But “WHISTLE” has to be a fifth-place song–some of the heavy hitters that come following it are difficult to locate anywhere else.

6. Pretty Savage (The Album, 2020)

The hilarious thing is that I didn’t really enjoy “Pretty Savage” the first time I listened to The Album, but the song did take over me. I think it’s the perfect definition of BLACKPINK’s brand of being a savage–high-fashion, sleek, polished, cheeky at times but untouchable always. I especially love the fact that we can listen to some of Jisoo’s skills in rapping, and, in general, I love the times when BLACKPINK decide to go with an edgier but equally strong approach to the “feel the like you’re in a kiss” songs. However, I must take a few points for the choreography. What exactly did that head spin move mean? And that kind of running step? Absolutely not their best.

7. Really (Square Up (2018)

It’s a fact that “Really” may not be as well-known as the major BLACKPINK top singles, which are in the trackless portion of their first EP, Square Up However, it will definitely be more prominent on the radar. This is especially due to Lisa’s two raps which have always been something I’ve enjoyed and adored — that “want to have a romantic relationship like the old days, and to desire to slow dance when it’s showtime, only me and you (me as well as you) and that slow track that we both love.” It may maybe not sound like a unique song, but there’s something about the beat and the delivery that has me totally. In all honesty, I might likely like “Real” due to Lisa’s raps, not because of the song itself an entire.

8. Kick It (Kill This Love in 2019, 2019)

An underrated gem that fans consider one of the greatest songs to be released by BLACKPINK, “Kick It” is a fun, carefree track and an excellent, fantastic crowd-pleaser at shows. Although I don’t like this song nearly as I do some of the other songs on this list–which is why it’s at position 8 on the list–there’s something very appealing about the last part of the track, where all the Pinks join together for the final verse. This song makes me laugh whenever it plays on the shuffle, regardless of the situation I’m in.

9. PLAYING WITH FIRE (Square Two, 2016)

The fact of the day, “PLAYING with FIRE” was once one of my favourite BLACKPINK songs when I first heard of the band and was right in the top spot on the list. I’m glad it’s now ninth, which means the Pinks have a few more tracks that they can boast about, and for that, I’m happy. Although “PLAYING with FIRE” does not stand out against the rest of the group’s newest albums, it holds an extremely special place in my heart. I particularly love Lisa’s lengthy performance in the second verse, which was among the reasons that she was my first preference when I first started out as BLINK.

10. BOOMBAYAH (Square One 2016)

The iconic debut track, “BOOMBAYAH”, still retains its energy and excitement, especially in the moments when Pinks play it in live performances, and the crowd is roaring with Jennie’s famous “Click-clack bada bing, boom.” But it’s not at the top of the top ten list since I think, among all the BLACKPINK’s most popular songs, it’s the one they’ve developed the most from, both in terms of artistic and personal. I’ll never miss “BOOMBAYAH” every time I have an opportunity to listen, and I’m trying to master the windmill arm movement of the choreography; however, I am actually happy it’s clear that the Pinks have made some progress.


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