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10 Essential Things About Acting You May Not Know

Many youths dream of becoming actors. And when it comes to making their dream come true, you try to get a berth in a reputed acting school in India. Throughout your study there, you learn a lot of theoretical and practical things about acting. And even after completing your course, there are certain things you may not have known or learnt. Here are some crucial things you should know:

  1. Your acting is your business and you are a product of this business 

Before you start looking for an opportunity in the film, television, or entertainment industry, you need to learn how to sell yourself to casting directors, managers, and agents. You need to know what makes you suitable for a role, how you can stand out from others, why a director should hire for a role, etc. Here it means you need to make some investments in yourself as a businessman does. And knowing your strengths can help you a lot. By asking the following questions, you can do it:

  • What are the 3 right strengths?
  • What makes you proud of yourself in your life?
  • What can you do better than other actors?
  • What do your friends praise you for? 
  1. Headshots are your virtual resume 

Your headshots work as a professional calling card for you. These help directors determine whether you have the look or not they need for a role. And getting an audition for a role largely depends on your headshots in the beginning. To have influential headshots, you need to:

  • Find a professional photographer 
  • Request the photographer take your professional images in different styles and poses 
  • Change your hairstyle or look for each photograph. And for this, you can keep your hair short or long. You can dye your hair or keep it natural 
  1. Casting directors as your allies 

Casting directors are the people in the film, television, or entertainment industry you will see before being established. So, it is crucial for you to impress them and make them like you. And for this, you need to do great acting. You need to have and maintain a good working relationship with your casting directors.    

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  1. Networking is essential to be active in the industry 

For getting any opportunity, networking with the requisite skills is crucial. In acting, it can help you get more calls for auditions and build your presence. To increase your network, you can send invitations or receive referrals to the shows you have. Having more connections will make you more memorable in the industry. 

  1. An agent is crucial for you to take your career to the next level 

You need someone for serious management of your acting career. An agent can help you stay away from scams and get high-paying roles. Your agent may not charge you. However, the agent can request you for a commission when you get an offer. The agent will be a good support for you to move ahead in your acting career. 

  1. Your online presence is valuable for you

It is a digital world. And most things are available on the internet or online platforms. So, you need to treat yourself as a product of your business and market yourself on all respective online platforms, including a website representing you. Through a website, you can allow everyone to access your resume, showreels, headshots, and other promotional materials. In addition to your website, you should rely on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram to connect with industry people and your fans.  

  1. Joining a talent show can help you start your acting career  

In the current world, a large number of talent shows like America’s Got Talents and Indian Ideals come on television channels. These shows have helped many young people to be successful actors. So, you should try to join such a show in your country. It will help you showcase your talent and skills to industry professionals and the world. And it can help you have a break in a television program, film, or a theatrical performance. 

  1. Keeping your learning going on is crucial 

Acting is highly competitive. And there will always be someone who knows or can act better than you. So, it is crucial for you to keep learning throughout your acting career. Take out some time and invest it in making yourself better with each passing day. You should never stop learning even if you have established yourself as a successful actor. Apart from acting, you should try to learn similar things like writing scripts, directing, or scene editing. 

  1. Your body is great investment for you in your acting career 

You can act in a film, television program, or stage when you are healthy. So, you need to stay healthy and fit for maximum time in your life. And for this, you need to have good lifestyle habits. You need to stay away from drinking, smoking, and illicit drug use. Yoga and meditation can help you stay calm and stress free. 

  1. Listening to others can help you a lot  

Keep in mind you are a small part of the film, television, or entertainment industry. Many people come, give, take, and go away. You can survive when you are cooperative to your co-actors and allied people for a film or television project. And you can do it when you will listen to them carefully. For a better acting career, you need to be always ready to listen to people around you on a project.   


Like a business, you should have some people who can give actual and honest feedback to your acting. Keeping all the above-mentioned points will help you do better and establish yourself in the film, television, and entertainment industry.

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