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10 Tips For Having A Great Garage Sale

Are you looking for a simple way to supplement your income? (Doesn’t that apply to everyone?) Perhaps you’re trying to expel the Debt-Free Scream from your system. Maybe you just want to get rid of that old, smelly couch that has been fiberized far too many times.

Having a garage sale, for whatever cause, is a tried and true way to get some fast cash. And believe us when we say that a garage sale is the most advantageous alternative for both the seller and the buyer. You’re looking to get rid of an old kitchen table. Someone is on the lookout for that. You’ve finally admitted to yourself that you’ve never worn any of your clothes? Those are also likely to be in high demand. Hire the top removalists company in Brisbane to move heavy items safely.

Don’t panic if this is your first-yard sale. We’ve compiled a list of garage sale suggestions to keep you organised, set a fair price for your items, and walk away with some cash.

1. Organize your closet

This may seem obvious, but it bears repeating. You know that hallway closet you’re trying to stay away from? Yes, the one you open with caution for fear of anything falling on you? To be sure, it’s time to clear it out. We’re talking about a deep cleaning here. What exactly is it that’s inside? Are there any decorations from your wedding that you haven’t used yet? Do you have any gifts that you haven’t used or given away? Do you have any old clothing that no longer fits? It’s time to clean it out. While you’re at it, go through your garage, loft, other cupboards, and beneath all the mattresses. It’s time to get rid of anything you don’t use or wear regularly (or have forgotten about). You will not only be able to get rid of the stuff you have, but you will also be able to free up some room.

2. Begin sorting

Garage sales are difficult to organise, so do the heavy labour ahead of time. Keep, sell or trash your tennis rackets, clothes, and old board games. Don’t worry about pricing anything right now; instead, focus on sorting and getting organised. The main goal is to clear out the clutter and find a permanent home for the stuff you wish to keep. After you’ve made your piles, take out all of the things you sorted to sell.

3. Everything should be priced

Marking prices on everything is one of the best garage sale recommendations. Yes, absolutely everything. Sure, it’s inconvenient and time-consuming, but it’s well worth it on sale day especially if there are a lot of items to sell and multiple workers cashing out customers. It has been found that when buyers don’t have to contact the host for knowing the prices, they’re significantly more inclined to buy. Checking folks out is quicker because you don’t have to improvise pricing (or add them up), and it ensures that you price products consistently depending on quality.

4. Decide a date

Garage sales are frequently held on Saturday, Sunday, and Friday mornings. Insiders offer the following garage-sale advice: Consider holding it on the first weekend of the month, when many people’s salaries are due and they’ll have extra cash on hand. If you start early enough, the weather will be cooler. Because clients will be able to conduct their buying ahead of time, you may even see an increase in attendance! Also, verify the weather forecast before putting up signage in the area. Rainy days are avoided by buyers!

5. Make use of tables

When displaying items for sale, try to keep them as high off the ground as possible. Choose the Removalists Company in Newcastle for moving Furniture and large/heavy items to the location. People are significantly more likely to spend the time looking at tableware, glassware, kitchen gear, small appliances, craft items, sundries, and (particularly) books if they can stand up straight. If items don’t sell on the ground, they’re frequently gone as soon as they’re brought up onto tables.

6. Strategically promote your garage sale

Start placing online advertising, hanging leaflets, and notifying everyone you know in person and on social media a few days before your sale. Give your sale a catchy yet basic name like “ABC’s Big Sale!” etc. to make it stand out. If you have sought-after items such as children’s toys or apparel, specialty tools, art supplies, or collectables, make sure to highlight them in your ad. Wherever possible, include your complete address, sale dates, and times. Request that your sale notification be placed a day or two ahead of time on websites and that it remains up until the deal’s last day. Advertise your payment methods in adverts, whether you’ll accept credit cards or internet payments (and on the day of the sale).

7. Place physical garage sale signs

Utilize the heavy-duty tape to place easy-to-read, weather-resistant garage sale signs within a mile of your home, or use the existing nails on wood poles. For easy-to-read signage that can be reused for the next sale, write the days, times, and address with markers. All of your signs must be the same in appearance so that people can tell they’re for the same garage sale, and they must also be visible from a distance. Place the signs prominently on both ends of your street, as well as at nearby busy intersections, where traffic will see them. This will entice neighbours to attend your sale, even if it feels like a scavenger hunt.

You’ve now had a successful yard sale from beginning to end thanks to these garage sale suggestions. If not, there’s still time to plan another garage sale! Remember, the easier (and more successful) your garage sale will be the more time you have to sort through your belongings.

Now that the difficult part is done, count your money, do a victory dance, and deposit it where it belongs. Hire the top Removalists companies for packing, unpacking, loading and unloading heavy/large items. Read More

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