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13 Space-Making Hacks for Small Kitchens

13 Space-Making Hacks for Small Kitchens

There’s nothing more unpleasant than a kitchen feeling messy. It’s supposed to be a spot where we relax after a tiring day and cook an energizing meal (or refrigerate food from the refrigerator) instead of one that feels unorganized and messy. This is particularly applicable to kitchens with smaller spaces.

Are you left with a tiny kitchen that leaves you hungry for storage space or counter space? Take a measurement of surface or area using an area calculator

These space-saving ideas will show you how you can make the most of every square inch in your kitchen to the maximum.

Space-Making Hacks

1. Look to IKEA for Space-Saving Solutions

In terms of whipping some much-needed vertical storage IKEA’s kitchen organizing products. There are a variety of affordable systems available as well as some that are made to be mounted on walls so that you can maximize your kitchen’s vertical space that’s not being used.

This hanging cabinet allows a few of your commonly used items to hang over your counter. It also makes getting around the kitchen easier, by making sure cookware, dishes, and kitchen tools are within reach. Making a space and storing things easily isn’t an easy task. To make your task easy the land area calculator is available online which helps to measure the area and the surfaces of squares, circles, rectangles, and many more.

2. Add Counter Space Over Your Sink

A smart and efficient solution that doesn’t cost you a fortune? You can add a little preparation space by installing an over-the-sink cover. There are a variety of inexpensive options that are over-the-sink and will provide you with a little extra space even when the sink isn’t being used. This one from IKEA is extremely useful according to us.

3. Use the Space Around Your Fridge

If you’ve got a tiny bit of space between your fridge and the wall of your kitchen, you might consider creating a secret DIY rolling pantry similar to this one by Alan Chu. It’s great to store canned items and other kitchen essentials that aren’t perishable.

4. Create a Double-Duty Backsplash

The stainless steel backsplash is a fantastic double-duty design that guards kitchen walls against splatters and spills while keeping the tools you regularly utilize in your kitchen at hand.

The striking red backsplash seen here by Bunker Workshop is a one-of-a-kind design. You can purchase stainless steel pegboards at many hardware stores for home improvements.

5. Try Folding Kitchen Tables

A folding table is a space to cook and eat meals without taking up floor space. It’s also an ideal idea to have a desk you can put away after you’re done working. Check out this fantastic idea by Tiny Box House.

6. Work With Untapped Space

We love how this small kitchen is kept clean by using a variety of innovative storage options.

The three-toe kick drawers underneath the kitchen’s base cabinets can put the space normally thrown to waste behind baseboards into efficient use. You can retrofit a lot of base cabinets with the toe-kick drawers.

A curtain rod can provide an inch of vertical storage space for kitchen utensils in the window’s front.

Of course, we must mention the pot rack, which is easily placed right next to the oven.

7. Try an Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

Yes, an island in the kitchen could create extra countertops in a smaller kitchen. If you’re unable to spare the space for a floor, an over-the-sink cutting board can be a clever solution. This type of cutting board lets you wash your hands before cutting.

8. Create Kitchen Storage in a Nearby Room

If you don’t have adequate space available in your small kitchen to make the space you’re looking for, consider putting up the space like a closet or nook within a room nearby. An accessible niche could be used to store kitchen appliances you use frequently or other pantry items that aren’t food-safe. A curtain, like the one shown on the left, could protect the items you keep away from the view of others.

9. Make the Most of Kitchen Corners

The corner space is often under-utilized in most homes. However, if you’re trying at making every inch of your kitchen corner shelving could give these spaces that aren’t being used to their full potential. Take a look at this chic kitchen design of The Tiny Project!

10. Create a Pantry Using Mason Jars

Do you not have an area for your pantry? It’s no problem. Use mason jars to make the storage space you require on a wall with no space.

Are you aware of the way that items like pasta, flour, and even dog treats are packaged in various sizes? Minim Micro House Minim Micro House brings order to the storage of dry foods such as these by pouring everyone into a separate mason jar.

Each jar is placed in one of two kitchen racks in the picture above. Each rack can hold 25 mason jars that are sized to fit in a quart.

11. Change your Kitchen Junk drawer into an organized Spice Rack

Drawers can be an effective tool for an organization. Making one a holding pen to store random oddities and spare parts is a loss of valuable space in the kitchen. This also lets you collect the clutter.

Are you a cook? Making your kitchen junk drawer an actual spice cabinet could be the best way to move it. This can not only help you save cabinet space and keeping your spices in a neat and easily accessible location will make cooking easier.

12. A DIY Plate Rack

This wall-mounted plate rack created by Meg as well as Trevor from Oliver and Rust is an appealing storage solution for large objects like cutting boards.

13. Open Shelving Kitchen

Open shelving is an excellent storage solution for kitchens that don’t have enough space for traditional hanging cabinets. Additionally, shelves like those can make it easier to reach for glasses, dishes, and cups. The design team at home, Charles and Hudson, constructed the shelves as which are shown above.


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