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3 Most Common Website Mistakes

Mistake no. 1

Believe that when you put your site online, it’s over!

The Web is a living medium, it’s not like a print, it must be in motion, in evolution. A simple way is to add content on a regular basis in a blog, a news module, or in your FAQs. In addition, make sure that the presentation of your products or video animation services is always representative of your offer and that the information therein is up to date!

A concrete example: If you currently have a site of 10 pages and you write an article per month, you will find yourself at the end of the year with a site of 62 pages, then 114 at the end of your year 2, and your ranking in Google will only improve! Remember that when you put your site online, that’s when it all starts!


Mistake no. 2

Believing that being online is enough to be found

Having a website in 2020 is the basics in business, we agree. From the moment you put your website online, you can consider that you are at square one.

There are currently over 1.7 billion sites on the Web, and approximately 200 new sites are added every minute*. Therefore, to believe that one will come out on the first page of Google in this red tide simply because one has just given birth is utopian. You have to have a strategy. First, a strategy to attract customers to your website, then a strategy to convert your visitors into potential customers.

strategies to attract customers

Here are some concrete examples of strategies to attract customers to your website. First, you could rely on keyword analysis to find out what terms are being used and incorporate them into your site. You could also focus on creating content by writing a blog on a regular basis. You could also count on an active presence in social networks or on paid advertising campaigns on Google or Facebook.

To convert your visitors, you will need to offer content that genuinely addresses your customers’ concerns, that is, the questions and needs they express during their research process. Talk about your products and services with affordable logo design packages, of course, but also about the advantages of doing business with you and why your customers should choose you. Because a website without marketing is like having a shop… in the desert!


Mistake no. 3

Invest in the Web, without measuring

Like other media where it is more difficult to assess the return on investment, on the Web, everything is calculated!

Previously, we bought advertisements on restaurant website maintenance services placemats, and we hoped that it would pay off, without ever really knowing it…

In the case of a website, we talk about cost per conversation, that is to say, what it costs us to convert a prospect into a customer.

advertising campaign on Google

For example, if I have a which costs me $400 per month and with this investment I attract 10 visitors to my site, then out of 10 visitors, I sign 2 contracts, stationery design we can say that it takes 5 visitors for me to sign 1 contract. If an average contract gives me a profit margin of $100, it will therefore be necessary to divide $100 by 5, so I could say that it costs me $20 to attract a client to my site.

The next question to ask is: is $20 a reasonable price to pay to attract a client, based on the price of my product or service and my profit margin?

In short, try and measure so you can improve!

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