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4 Best Free Youtube Video Downloader Tools [Working]

You are on this page because you are searching on the internet for the best free youtube video downloader tools. Here in this article, we discuss the same topic that is 100% working without any redirection. All tools we discuss here you can freely use on your smartphone or pc devices. Have you ever used a video converter tool? If not and want to use then read this article till the end because we discuss different tools with their download process. 


Mp3 Juice is an effortless youtube video converter tool. If you are looking for free youtube video downloader tools then use this fast video converter mp3juice tool on your mobile or pc device. Unlimited youtube videos you can convert with high-quality audio frequency. In just a few seconds your audio file is ready so that you can play. 

Download Process:

  1. First, open this website in your browser
  2. Then type any video name in the search box 
  3. Choose a single result from the given results
  4. After this click on the download button to complete video to audio conversion
  5. Again press the download button for the audio file download


Youzik tool design is attractive and the interface is easy to understand. Any new user can easily convert their youtube videos into an audio file using a given simple step-by-step downloading process. Using this youzik tool you can convert and download youtube videos in multiple formats like mp3 and mp4. 

Download Process:

  1. A simple search in the browser “Free youtube videos downloader tools”
  2. Then click and open the tool
  3. Enter the video name or paste the youtube video URL
  4. Press the search button
  5. Then select a video with a conversion format
  6. Click on that conversion format to complete convert process
  7. Then simply click on the download button to download mp3 or mp4 file


Vget is a free youtube video downloader tool that is in working mode. A number of different website videos you can convert and download in mp3 formats. The interface of this vget tool is simple and any user easily understands it. Different quality you can choose while you convert video into an audio file. Easy to use with fast speed download any file. 

Download Process:

  1. tool open on your browser
  2. Then open youtube or another website and copy the video URL
  3. Paste copied video URL into get tool and click on the “GO” button
  4. Then select different audio or video format for the conversion process
  5. After this click on the download button to download the file to your device


X2mate is a multi-language supported youtube video downloader tool. You can convert Facebook videos and youtube videos in this tool. Working process of the x2mate tool we discuss in the below section.

Download Process:

  1. Open the tool on the browser
  2. Paste a youtube video or Facebook video URL link
  3. After this click on the download button 
  4. Then select the audio or video format quality and click on the “Get Link” button
  5. In the final step, you have to press the simple download button to download the file

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