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4 Weird College Stories That Prove That Collegiate Life Is Wild

A college is a place where you may discover hundreds of original stories, each of which would make a good movie. However, there are many college stories that we seldom hear because the students would rather not share them because they are too embarrassing. College life is the most lovable and fun time for everyone. It is completely different from school life. Teachers give a lot of burden to the students by giving them to write essays and assignments (BAW,2021). In Canada, most of Students in college spent a lot of their time in enjoying with their friend. They don’t do their college task by themselves. Therefore they usually take writing services such as do my essay Canada and Edu Birdie etc.

Four of the strangest college stories I’ve heard are listed below:

  1. Being a team player

Unusual things can occur when you least expect them to. Unfortunately, that also holds true for world-class football players. The coach wanted to start one of the team’s top football players during the second half of the game, so he sat out the first half.

Unfortunately, the football player’s bladder had other plans for him that day.

This unfortunate buddy remained on the sidelines supporting his team because the game was highly exciting from the start. The football player suddenly felt like he couldn’t hold it in any longer when the second half began. The coach made the decision to start the outstanding football player even though he was unaware of the disaster the player had created.

The footballer played normally for the following 30 minutes. But after playing for more than an hour, he clashed with an opponent and ruined his trousers. Nobody noticed that the star player’s panties were unusually wet that day since everyone was sweating. But when they bear-hugged him after winning the game, the players discovered what had occurred the hard way because they smelled something other than perspiration.

The Unknown in the Botany Laboratory

Someone spread a rumor about a ghost in the botany lab the year before final exams. The fresh stock of orchid roots, which were for the exam the next day, were all gone when the beakers apparently rattled on their own. In fact, after hearing spooky stories, several students stopped visiting the lab entirely.

The lab assistant also noticed an odd fragrance there, which added credibility to the ghost story. Nevertheless, a member of the college staff picked up on the distinct odour and figure out who the “ghost” causing havoc in the botany lab was…

Brother of a Different Mother

Over the years, I have seen students claim a variety of justifications for not completing their projects, particularly those using the APA reference style. Even some duplicated assignment pairings were discovered by me. I enjoy confronting pupils who steal from one another because they frequently provide wild excuses.

I discovered a month ago that two of the students in my class had turned in work that was quite identical. We are great buddies, sir, one of them responded when I demanded an explanation. Not only do we have hobbies, but we also think the same way. I believe we can communicate telepathically. Because of this, even though we hadn’t talked about our papers, our assignments also match.

The student increased his justification when he saw that I did not believe his story. If you don’t trust me, Sir, just watch this, he added. He only stated, “Let’s show him,” as he turned to face his friend. They both began speaking confusedly at the same time for over a minute. I was aware that they had practiced acting false before entering the classroom. However, I couldn’t help but admire the effort they made to make their justifications seem credible.

College life is the most memorable period of life. Students around the world enjoy their college life. Different field such as medical, nursing, engineering students have many college task which are little bit difficult to complete. That’s why, different writing services related to these field such as nursing essay help student to complete their college task.

Give someone a taste of their own medicine

Every class has that one student who enjoys playing practical jokes on both the teacher and fellow students. One student in the economics class had a thing for stuffing those rubber snake replicas into the handbags of young women. Many people laughed when a girl reportedly lost consciousness after discovering a rubber snake in her suitcase.

In response to the rubber snake incident, the economics professor became rather irate. He therefore made the decision to teach the prankster. The professors had to search through the CCTV footage to find the prankster because no one had revealed the trickster’s identity to them. The student behind the pranks was then invited to the office. Few people were aware of whether the student was taught, but he eventually stopped placing rubber snakes in females’ handbags. At the hearing, the economics professor demanded that the student be dismissed from the instittution. Instead, they assigned the child to a terrible task. The child was instructed to go to the College storeroom, where the authority had discovered a real cobra, and capture the reptile although he was worried, he concurred to keep his college position. But as soon as he heard the cobra hissing at him, he quickly left the room Actuality, there was no snake in the space, and the Bluetooth speaker that was farther away was

the source of the hissing noise. In reality, the economics professor orchestrated the snake hunt to teach the boy to the same horror that the girl experienced as a result of the boy’s practical joke.

Needless to say, no one thereafter attempted to play any pranks, especially not under the

Professor of economics’ supervision!

College produces more than just examinations and papers; it also produces strange stories that

both students and educators will always remember it.

Therefore, don’t be frightened to make up your own campus legends as long as you keep in mind to avoid getting caught.



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