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5 Astonishing Box Braid Colors To Choose in 2022

One of the most well-liked protective hairstyles is undoubtedly the box braid. You know that they can be twisted, braided, long, short, thick, or thin, among other shapes. But many ladies are unaware that there are a variety of fashionable box braid colors.

You can create any style, whether you choose to match your braids to your natural hair or want something eye-catching. More people prefer some hues to others. For example, light blonde box braids are common, but rainbow braids are only worn by the daring!

If you enjoy this protective design, here are some of the prettiest box braid colors for you to try.

1# Red Box Braids

Red-haired women do receive a lot of compliments wherever they go. For girls with dark hair, the vibrant red braids look fantastic. There are numerous red hues to choose from.

Women who like to experiment but maintain it stylish and appropriate for daily wear could consider dark red box braids colors. Since the red color in the roots is less obvious, these box braids are done in an ombre fashion.

We advise trying vivid red, that is particularly noticeable for people who want to stand out everywhere they go. Your long or short braids will add interest and style to any clothing.

2# Blue Box Braids

You shouldn’t be startled to see blue box braids colors because they are fairly frequent. They are incredible because they are so striking and adaptable. 

There are numerous blue box braid color options available. We advise attempting an ombre and a turquoise.

You can mix and match highlights and colors whichever you like. The marine blue color in these box braids changes from deep to light. When you’re on vacation at the beach in the summer, try them.

This is your chance to achieve your lifelong dream of looking like a mermaid. Summertime must-haves include turquoise box braids. You can create a stunning hairdo by mixing the blue tones in box braids of various lengths.

3# Light Blonde Box Braids

One of the most common box braid colors is light blonde hair. They blend beautifully with all-natural hair hues from dark black to light blonde.

The colors of strawberry, honey, auburn, or light brown look fantastic when added to blonde hair. You can experiment with braiding only blonde hairstyles or combining different tones.

While box braids with all-blonde hair are lovely, they look even better with softer honey highlights. Combining two of our favorite blonde hues, this girl achieved a beautiful hairdo.

You’ll quickly find that your preference is light blonde hair with strawberry blonde highlights. These two hues are lovely and adaptable, making them ideal for everyday wear.

4# Brown Box Braids

Although brown and copper box braids aren’t as striking as blue or red, they are unquestionably elegant. Even if the color of your natural hair is similar, they offer it a trendy makeover. 

Don’t be afraid to try brown if you like your box braids but you would like to try a hue that is appropriate for everyday use. They all look fantastic, whether light or dark, with copper or red undertones.

You have two options for finishing your box braids: curled or unbraided ends. Your brown shade will be incredibly eye-catching in this way. Additionally, add vibrant hair ornaments like a headband or hair pins.

You can braid the box braids you’ve already done. Even better if they are highlighted in brown. Your hair will get the necessary volume and texture.

5# Purple Box Braids

In the box braiding industry, purple is one of the most widely used colors. This color is truly appropriate for everyone, even though it could initially seem scary to you. 

There are numerous varieties of purple. Light-haired ladies should choose lavender or combine light purple shades with blonde highlights, while dark skin tones will look best in deep and dark shades of purple.


These are the top box braids colors that you must try in 2022. Make sure to flaunt these vibrant colors with human bundle hair from reputable hair companies like Hair Factory.

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