5 best trekking destination in Mumbai


The monsoon that occurs in Maharashtra does not always speak about floods, floods, and traffic congestion. The regions around Mumbai along with Pune are located in some of the best hilly, green landscapes. beautiful forests, flowing springs, and sparkling waterfalls create the perfect Maharashtra mountaineering adventure. The Sahyadri range is home to some of the top monsoon-related resorts, making it a perfect trekking spot close to Mumbai. you may also consider a trekking Kola trek.


Travelling Destinations Near Mumbai


There’s nothing more fun than walking through the pedestrian zone close to Mumbai. A relaxing escape that can aid in recovering and taking some time off from your daily stress. It’s always good to go outside and explore the area as you get back in touch with nature. These are the most beautiful hiking trails close to Mumbai that shouldn’t miss in the year 2022.

It has become a popular regular activity for many Mumbaika residents. Once the weekend approaches, a lot people head to the hills to see the gorgeous mountain ranges that surround Mumbai as well as its surroundings.Some are about 120 miles [200 kilometers] despite being near to the city however, they are far away from it.


Kalsubai Peak Trek – Start Your Day With The First Rays Of The Sun


The Kalasubai peak located in the Nagar region is the highest point of the Sahyadri Mountains. It is the Everest is the highest peak in Sahyadris, Kalsubai peak is the ultimate dream of any person who wants to go on for at minimum once. It is also one of the top spots for a monsoon trek close to Mumbai.


It is located in the Western Ghats, and is the highest point inside the Maharashtra province. It is also a great option by beginners since it’s an extremely simple trip that requires just a basic knowledge. A visit to Kalsubai is a popular destination for tourists , especially during winter storms and heavy rains because of the stunning weather and wildlife also changes color during these times.


Korigad Trek – Go with your companions


If you’re looking to plan a day trip in the vicinity of Mumbai, Korigad is your location. The famed hill tower of Lonavala is situated at 3050m in altitude. The most fascinating part of this excursion are two caves as well as two huge lakes within. This is the perfect spot for couples that want to be a little adventurous and have a blast with each other.


The path towards Korigad Fort is easy to follow if you begin the hike at Peth Shahpur village. The beginning of the trek is easy. All you need do is to follow the road through the mud.


The trip is made even more simple when you just take the steps which will lead you into the castle. While the walk is straightforward however, one should be extremely cautious when climbing the monsoon-related stairs since the steps may slip in the rainwater, and possibly moss.


Mahuli Fort Trek — Summit The Peaks


The person who built the castle is not known. Its main road of Sahyadri is located on the eastern portion of Shahapur and the Mahuli fort is situated on a hill that is secluded on its western side. It is a quiet spot, but also one of the most beautiful places to explore Mumbai. The lake is a symbol of peace and peace that makes the place a favourite among travellers who prefer to be on their own. It is also one of the most beautiful places to go to in Mumbai in the monsoon months.


Raireshwar Trek – Gape on the Snow-White Peaks


Raireshwar is a historical site situated to the west and south of Pune close to Bor. This is a wonderful destination to go during time of rain in Mumbai and is an ideal spot for a day trip between Mumbai as well as Pune. It is among the most peaceful spots for an excursion to Mumbai. The town that is the main one in Raireshwar Fort is the town of Korle located 82 km far from Pune and 230 km from Mumbai. Kille Raireshwar is significant in the rich history of the town. Marathi is a global dialect spoken by the people within the area. Numerous castles like Kenjalgad or Rohida are fortresses located near Raireshwar fort. People also take a test of the Rohida Kenjalgad Raireshwar trek for two days. Another well-known Raireshwar Kenjalgad trek is one that can be completed in just one day.


Visapur Fort Trek – Create Routes yourself


It is Visapur Fort is a one-day tour through Mumbai along with Pune. It is located in the same area as the route to Lohagad in a way and that’s why it’s as well-known than the Twin Fort of Lohagad. Visapur Fort is larger and more elevated in elevation than the twin forts Lohagad. It is among the most beautiful hiking trails close to Mumbai during monsoon. It is among the most exciting excursions around Mumbai.


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