5 Ways To Prevent Thefts On Your Construction Project

In the UK building industry, on average, losses of PS400m each year because of equipment theft, as well as other typical crimes.

Recent research conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) into a crime committed on construction sites found that 92% of the site managers have experienced being affected by thefts on a weekly or monthly basis.

The theft of the construction site is a recurring issue that needs to be tackled and taken seriously by site managers and owners, especially in cases where costly equipment and plant is stored on site.

Theft is usually an opportunity crime and usually is carried out by employees of a company’s own. However, having the appropriate security measures in place will decrease the likelihood of being victimized by it.

We look at a few simple methods to prevent employee theft and enhancements of construction sites security.

Certified Employees

It is vital to conduct regular and thorough background checks to ensure that every contractor, employee, and supplier can work or enter any construction project.

Suppose you plan to employ guards manned by a person to protect your property during non-business hours. In that case, it is essential to ensure that the appropriate authority accredits them.

Trained guards are certified by the industry and have completed the proper education to ensure they are qualified to safeguard your premises to the highest standard.

Always Report Crimes

Notifying the theft of site equipment is crucial since it increases the likelihood of your possessions being recovered. However, it is an integral component of the insurance claims procedure in most cases.

Furthermore, having a straightforward method for reporting crimes that employees are informed of shows how serious theft from sites will be dealt with, which can serve as an incentive to stop it.

Trained Staff

It is essential to provide all employees with the appropriate knowledge to ensure they are fully informed of how to recognize and address any problems. Sessions for training for new employees must, therefore, be scheduled whenever feasible.

The staff should know the best way to keep equipment safe when they finish each day, including the itemization process and locking it securely.

Making this information available to employees right from the time they begin working on site will ensure that they immediately understand the importance of security at the site.

Site Monitor

In reality, allowing non-qualified persons or strangers into your construction site dramatically increases the likelihood of your site being the target of theft and other serious crimes like vandalism or health and safety concerns.

To ensure that no one is trespassing, it is possible to set up modern access control systems. These provide the latest technology to ensure that only authorized employees can enter your premises.

High-Value Equipment

It’s not surprising that the recovery rate for stolen equipment is relatively low, which may be a motivating factor for people who aren’t very agile on the construction site.

But using strategies that can make identifying stolen items much easier could make workers reconsider their plans to get their hands on their workplace. One option is that you should hire a security guard company for the manned security of your construction project.

Additionally, you can label any equipment you have and include it in the central database maintained via the Construction Equipment Security and Registration Scheme, which allows owners of sites to track down stolen items by using specific tracking numbers.

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