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6 Truths to Know Before Undergoing Cincinnati Rhinoplasty

It is normal to be displeased with your appearance. More often than not, people blame the lack of good looks on their nose which happens to be the most prominent feature on the face. However, wishful thinking will not do you any good. You must be prepared to take a few active steps to improve the nose by correcting all aesthetic faults. Yes! You would be advised to undergo a distinct type of surgery known that may be termed Cincinnati Rhinoplasty based on your present location.

There is no reason to be scared about being anesthetized during the procedure, either. Remember that a ‘nose job’ or rhinoplasty is one of the commonest surgeries performed today. You will feel confident to hear that at least a thousand patients go through the same process every day. The surgeons are a dedicated lot and know how to do it perfectly.

Do not avoid meeting the concerned surgeon face to face and get all your doubts put to rest via a long discussion. You will also get to know about certain tricks and tips that will not only keep you relaxed but you will be looking forward to the day the bandages are finally removed from your nose.

Cincinnati rhinoplasty: Important Facts

  1. The first consultation will make you ask about your suitability for undergoing the procedure. You would be excited to hear that age is not too important for getting a nose job. Patients who are eager to alter the shape or size of their noses. It may also be able to get rid of breathing problems simultaneously.
  2. You will be asked to voice your aspirations about your appearance while the surgeon makes note of the things to be done.
  3. The adage stating that a picture speaks louder than a thousand words becomes a reality when the surgeon reveals images of patients both before and after the procedure. You will thus have a realistic idea of what to expect from rhinoplasty.
  4. You will be put under general anesthesia during the surgery and not feel a thing. Sure, there may be some pain experienced. Once you become conscious but the medical professional will prescribe pain-eliminating drugs to keep you comfortable.
  5. Another aspect that usually worries patients is the appearance of suture marks on the nose. Thankfully, the surgeon will only cut through the tissue at the right spot with all the incisions being inside the nose. There will be no tell-tale marks afterward. That is a great relief for no one would be able to decipher that you have had a nose job once you begin to socialize after recovery.
  6. The healing process is gradual but you are expected to take at least 15 days off from work. Remember you cannot be unhappy because the patient in the next bed recovered more speedily. Recovery depends on several factors including your general health and immunity.

Yes! You may have to tolerate some bruising and experience some swelling on the site of surgery. But Cincinnati Rhinoplasty can turn your life around, shielding you from long-standing health issues and boosting your confidence.

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