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Health and Fitness

7 Ways to care for acne prone skin-tips from the dermatologist

Facing acne is a common phenomenon that every human has to go; they especially show up when the body reaches the stage of puberty. And then, many individuals keep getting loads of pimples, and some encounter a few. But all need solution for it because either some don’t get time to take care of their skin or don’t bother at all to do it. Whereas hey bud skincare discount code is available at hey bud skincare brand for those dealing with skin issue and for those who wants to take care of their skin, use this discount on their products.

Here are seven tips given by Dermatologists:

Skincare routine:

Selecting the proper skincare routine is the key to healthy skin. If you want to glow and have clear-looking skin, you must start taking care of your skin, regardless of age. Our skin needs care and love; just like you take care of your mental health, it is equally important to take care of your physical health, especially your skin. Try to set a routine that works best for your skin and if you need clarification, then consult the doctors; they will help you get on track. With the dermatologist’s suggestion, you can always go right. Just make sure to keep shuffling your products after six months or so for better results.

Visit the doctor:

Visiting the dermatologist is the right thing to do when pimples occur; they will diagnose the reason behind it and suggest the appropriate treatment for you. If you withdraw your therapy at home without the doctors’ suggestion, you might worsen the situation you are already in. Or you could fix it if you knew what had happened to you. You never know, but that’s a pretty rare case.

Avoid touching your face:

A doctor should not be the person to tell you this. It should be a mandatory thing, just like breathing. But, of course, nobody has taught you that; you already know it. It should be that basic, and everyone should know it. When you get a pimple, you get the urge to touch it again and again, but with the germs on your finger, it gets worse and then leaves a mark that takes months to clear off. I know I have been there too, so trust you, Dermatologists, when they say not to touch it.

Don’t skip treatment:

First of all, congrats that you have reached this stage of treatment through your doctor and not on your own. It’s good to get treatment from the right person and not some hommie of yours; just because they have had pimples all their life does not make them an expert on this subject. Treatment is crucial if you want to get rid of the problem. I know sometimes it feels like you have been treating it forever, but you are getting nowhere. Your face still looks the same, but you must wait and trust in the treatment your doctor has suggested. It will take some time to recover from the damage your skin has gone through and fully clear it.

Try to keep your skin clean:

It is as simple as using a tissue to wipe off your face from debris and dust whenever you travel. Because dust or sweat can sit on your face and let the bacteria do their dirty business. This is why it is imperative to keep your face clean so that bacteria cannot survive on the skin and cause any breakouts or skin damage.

Stay clear from trying new products:

Isn’t that obvious? You should not test new products on your skin with a patch test. Well, if you didn’t know, then here you go; now I have told you, please keep it in your mind from now on. We all know trying new products gives a dopamine rush, but if that product reacts on your skin, then I’m sure you won’t like it. So it’s better to check the sensitivity of your skin and type before purchasing any product.

No tanning beds or Sunlight for you:

Going into the sun or getting into the tanning beds increases your risk of skin cancer, a common effect of tanning beds. In addition, tanning is going to damage your skin further and worsen your acne condition. There are a few medications you are put on in the treatment of acne, and they make your skin sensitive so that it cannot take the rays of ultraviolet rays, so it’s better to avoid them than to regret later. Even with acne, it is said to prevent the sun as much as possible because it damages the skin to the core. It is better to use sunscreen whenever going out in the sun and reapply it every 15-20 minutes.


Nobody is saved from those nasty pimples. This is why this article has been written to give you the solution to the acne problem you have been facing. This article has suggested seven ways to get rid of pimples, as provided by the dermatologist

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