8 Online Games for Teams and Large Groups 

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The pandemic forced us to retreat into our abodes, reducing our social activity to zero. Sure, work carried on, work from home was encouraged, teams were formed, and people met, yet everything happened online. This emphasized that even though everyone was trying to embrace the new normal, people missed socializing dearly. This further pushed the creation of online games for teams and large groups. And no, these games weren’t like your regular online games; these are much more enhanced experiences. 

Let’s face it; it is enjoyable to get a chance to bond with your colleagues outside work. It opens doors and brings opportunities to forge life-long friendships, get mentors or become a mentor. And nothing beats games for creating such opportunities.   

Games like virtual escape rooms and many other arcade games assumed a lot of popularity amongst the quarantined folks. While the economies are now back to opening up again, many companies have decided to stick with the work-from-home regime.  

If you are someone whose team works from home and you need activities and games to help your team bond, then this blog post is for you. In this post, we will be listing eight awesome online games for teams and large groups. Whether it’s for a couple or a virtual party that involves a lot of people, this is just the blog for you.  

1. Virtual Escape Room– Breakout  

As mentioned earlier, virtual escape rooms are amongst the most popular go-to online games when it comes to games for teams and large groups. And no one is doing it like the Breakout Escape Rooms. Like most escape room businesses, Breakout Escape Rooms offer real-time escape room experiences. What makes it unique is that all the experiences that they provide offline are also available in virtual mode. 

This means that with all the fun you might have offline, you are assured of having that online, too. The company will assign a volunteer to act as your eyes and ears while the team instructs them how to escape the room.  

2. GeoGuessr  

While the idea of exploring a new and unknown place is fascinating, adventurous, and almost romantic, it can also be scary, especially when you don’t even know where you are. This is what happens in this virtual game called GeoGuessr. You and your team get dropped at a random place (virtually, of course) via Google Maps. 

You guys have no idea where you are, and your job is to figure out where you are. You can take the help of license plates, hoardings, addresses, or whatever floats your boat. The team with the closest guess wins.   

3. British Virtual Pub Quiz  

There is no better place for socializing than a pub. Here, a virtual one, of course. You and your team are in a British Pub setting. You guys can split yourselves into as many groups as you wish and challenge each other to a test of knowledge. The questions can range from history to geography to pop culture.   

4. Among Us  

Everyone knows about Among Us, all thanks to the initial lockdown days. Although, for those of you who are not familiar with the game, here is what it’s all about. You and your team are inside a malfunctioning spaceship, and you must keep repairing it. However, here’s the catch, one amongst you is an impostor. 

Now, if you’re a crew member, it’s your job to figure out who the impostor is along with your team while simultaneously fixing the ship. Or, if you’re the impostor, kill your crewmates while protecting your identity. It’s an entertaining game and a prevalent one at that. You’ll be at it for hours!  

5. Coworker Feud  

You must be acquainted with Family Feud. Well, here’s an updated version of the loved game show. The host will ask the contestants multiple questions, including a lightning round. The teams have to put their brains to the test to the best of their abilities and answer the best possible answer to a set of questions.   

6. Psych!  

We are sure you are familiar with Heads Up, Psych! This game comes from the same creators. The contestants are required to distinguish the real from the fake. This game of guesses is sure to tickle your creative bone and stir up the creativity within you while giving everyone a good dose of laughter. Now, that is a game session no one can say no to.  

7. Virtual Murder Mystery  

Put on your detective hats, for this game requires you to bring out the Sherlock Holmes within you. Like escape rooms, murder mysteries are also a team effort, for they are not the most accessible puzzle games to solve. However, by coming together, you aren’t only bound to solve the murder mystery and have tons of fun!  

8. Virtual Scavenger Hunt  

Scavenger hunts are spontaneous, wild, and a ton of crazy fun. Plus, you can always customize it according to your group’s demands. You take pictures of particular objects and look for things through GPS, which is probably the best part of scavenger hunts, i.e., you can get as creative with them as you want.  

Final thoughts  

So, there you go. Here are 8 games that are perfect for teams and large groups. So, what are you waiting for? Go and plan that office game night right away! 



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