8 Simple YouTube SEO Tips to Rank Your Videos Higher in Search

It is possible to combine your youtube SEO strategy with your video strategy to increase your marketing efforts in a simple and easy way. This will not only increase your time spent watching videos and increase your viewers’ attention and aid you in to further improving your marketing strategy by using things such as YouTube Remarketing. These are the steps you can take to enhance your YouTube SEO in order to get more visitors and views.

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Simple YouTube SEO Tips

1. Select your keywords with care

SERPs are becoming more competitive each month. New competition and new products, as well as new services – everyone is competing for the top spot. Therefore the need to find ways to diversify your offerings is essential. Conduct keyword research and, unless you are able to be competitive with terms that are extremely competitive choose keywords that will yield more traffic but are not as competitive.

2. Include keywords in the title of your video

Understanding the purpose of searching for your customers is the first step. We’re aware that the most prevalent types of search intentions are informational and commercial, as well as navigational and transactional. Therefore, ensuring that you match the content of your video to the needs of your client is important to get your video to show up on search engine results.

Second, make sure that you know the reason you wish to make a YouTube video and who your primary target viewers are. For instance, if, for example, you are trying to promote the review of a product, you should include the name of the product in the video’s title and description. It’s a simple idea however there are several YouTube channels that do not follow this step, and their videos appear low on Google as well as YouTube result pages.

This a good illustration of how popular the term “Dell computer review’ can be. It is a term one might search for when considering buying a new product. The videos come from YouTube as well as other blogs and websites on the internet.

3. Include the keywords in your video

Simple enough, however, YouTube might utilize this as one of its ranking factors in relation to displaying your video in the results of searches. If the name of the file you upload contains the desired keyword and your video is indexed, it will have greater chances of being featured in search results and more likelihood of getting greater search traffic.

If you upload a brand new video, you will view the file’s name. YouTube uses this information to ensure that the uploaded video is of the correct quality and that’s why you should ensure that your file’s name is up-to-date before uploading!

4. Optimize your YouTube video description

One of the primary ranking factors in YouTube SEO is to ensure that you have a strong optimized description of your video. If you alter or update any YouTube video element – which includes subtitles, video descriptions, or closed captions as well as thumbnails of videos –YouTube will review the video. This could be beneficial or not… therefore it’s essential to do it right the first time!

YouTube suggests that you include the most important keywords at the beginning of your description. They also suggest that your description shouldn’t be more than 200 characters. Broadly speaking–make your description useful. If it does not help the user, then delete it.

YouTube has a number of great resources for you to use. Youtube Creator Studio that is is constantly updated with the latest information. 

The site has a helpful checklist that will guide users through the steps of creating the perfect video description:

  • Include an outline of your video in natural language, not just a list of keywords.
  • Include your most relevant keywords at the beginning of your text.
  • Choose 1-2 keywords to describe your video and use them in the description and the title.
  • Utilize tools for keyword research such as Google Trends and the Google Ads Keyword Planner to determine prominent keywords as well as their counterparts. Incorporating these terms will allow you to get the most traffic generated by searches.
  • Do not include unnecessary words from your description, as it causes an unsatisfactory experience for users and could violate Google’s guidelines.

5. Make use of hashtags for videos to increase YouTube results

In social media, hashtags such as hashtags on YouTube (hashtags (#) are now being used to aid users in finding content that addresses their needs across various platforms. You can include hashtags in your YouTube videos’ descriptions and titles to make it easier for viewers to find your video when searching for hashtags that match a particular one.

Tags can be particularly helpful in driving the search engine because they make important trends more apparent. When you have added hashtags to the video’s description it will appear over the title of the video and will be linked to the.

It’s also crucial to keep in mind the place to include hashtags for the video in this case. If you include hashtags within the title of the video the hashtags in the description will not be displayed in the title of the video.

6. Choose a category for your video

If viewers are searching for a specific video, using more advanced search options, users can choose the search feature to show videos that are in certain categories. If you upload your own video make sure to frame your video according to categories to have the best chance of being noticed by users.

YouTube has many categories that you can choose from, therefore you will be able to locate the right category for you and your YouTube videos. You can choose the category option when you upload your videos.

7. Modify your thumbnail image

Thumbnails can be helpful or detract from you your YouTube video. They’re the first thing that catches the attention of viewers when they view YouTube results. A good thumbnail could lead to more time to watch and can be a major influence on YouTube rankings. Design something that grabs viewers’ interest and distinguishes itself from other videos so that your content gets noticed. For instance, the thumbnails above are extracted from your video and may not be the most effective to grab the attention of the viewer.

Making a custom thumbnail is the most effective way to show the results. Showing viewers the content of your video and how it can help them is the main crucial element to success.

8. Include subtitles and closed captions

Making use of closed captions and subtitles is the best way to ensure the best results on YouTube searches.

While subtitles for video are intended to relay video dialogue for viewers who aren’t able to comprehend the language used in the video Closed captions are designed for those who cannot be able to hear the audio.

Both closed-caption and subtitles contain the words of the words spoken during the movie, akin to the transcript. The files will also include timestamps for the times that each text line is displayed in the video. So that it will be able to match spoken words or any other visual component. Find out what formats YouTube accepts here.

Another benefit of having a transcription to your YouTube video is that the transcript could be found by broad search engines, much like the blog could be.

In the video upload screen where you are able to select your video and file language. There are many great guides online for creating an SRT file to upload your video. This is one that I often use!

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