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A Comprehensive Guide to 5-Panel Canvas Prints

Getting the hand on a panel canvas print is indeed a great way to induce a touch of uniqueness to your space. One of the easiest ways to o get a dramatic effect is by opting for 5-piece canvas art. When we install a 5-panel, it gives us an opportunity to get your hand on a massive set of five canvases that you can place on the big wall of your house. Ranging from kids to the living room, they make a statement and induce life into your house. But you might be wondering how to start with it. Don’t worry; we understand your concern, which is why we have prepared this guide for you. But before that, let us figure out what all steps are to be followed.  

Steps to Consider Before Opting for Panel Canvas Prints  

Let us figure out the various steps that we should consider before opting for panel canvas prints 

Choose the Layout 

Choosing the layout is a part of your panel canvas wall art. However, it is important to ensure that the picture you are choosing is it is of high quality and can be easily separated in a way that will create one entire picture when all the different canvas pieces are placed together. Along with this, it is important to lay emphasis on how the picture is cut into five separate segments. And it is also essential to ensure that the layout is proper and it makes sense when we hang them. Not only this but please figure out where you would place the art piece.  

However, it is an understood fact that the five-panel art piece requires a large wall space. So, you can place them over the wall of your master bedroom or even above the fireplace. Once when you finalize where you want to place the art piece, you can take into consideration how far apart you are going to place it. Please ensure that is little space between the different pieces to maintain the synchronization of the picture. Because if you place it too far away, it will take away the picture’s charm.  

Set Up the Pictures 

Once you have selected where you would want to place the art piece, now it is time to set up the pictures to create your 5-panel canvas print. However, it is important to ensure that the pictures are of high quality. You can select any good picture that celebrates your memories. You can even try your hand on 3-piece canvas art 

 And if they are not up to the mark, please ensure to edit them to make them appear flawless. In addition to this, be careful with the various sizes. Please ensure that the image sizes are synchronized with each other.  

Best 5-Panel Canvas Print Ideas  

Split canvases are indeed quite unique and attractive. Splitting your picture gives you an opportunity to make the art piece appear bigger. Let us figure out the various 5-panel canvas print ideas.  

Landscape Shots 

Who doesn’t like the nature shots in their space? Get your hand on the landscape pictures to make a statement. Beautiful landscape images are absolutely appropriate for the 5-panel canvas print. It also implies that your art piece will be more enormous and detailed. There are multiple options of landscapes available, like mountains, pictures of the beach, forest landscapes, etc. Be it soothing beaches or rugged mountains, landscape shots surely hold the capacity to beautify your space.  

Family Pictures 

We all love to flaunt our family pictures. So, how about trying to get your hand on a 5-panel canvas print of your family pictures? It adds great value to your space as well as it also serves as the perfect gift for your loved ones. They are absolutely appropriate for hanging in your bedroom or the living room. However, have to be a bit extra careful about not splitting the print at people. For instance, pay attention that there is no division on people’s faces, and try not even to cut off their arms or legs in the division of the pictures. And if at all, by mistake, you have cropped or have split someone, then place the prints closely, so it has cohesiveness to it. This way, it will not make the pictures appear weird.  

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Wedding Pictures 

The wedding day is the most special event in any individual’s life. It surely deserves to be cherished. And getting a hand on 5-panel canvas print is definitely a great idea for your memories. Using your wedding pictures in the split canvas wall art helps to create a great impact on the wall that you can cherish for a lifetime.  

The appropriate split canvas wall art using romantic pictures of your wedding. Usually, the best canvas print split is by using the wedding pictures in the center. But do not forget to ensure that the pictures are completely aligned with each other, or else they will spoil the charm.  

Nature Photography 

We cannot neglect the fact that nature soothes our souls. So, indeed is a great idea to incorporate nature into the art piece. The nature scenes look extremely beautiful when we use them as pictures and print photos on canvas. Whether you are a lover of colorful flowers or animal pictures, they induce positivity in the environment. In order to induce the flair of positivity to your place, you should get your hand on a split canvas of nature pictures.  

Closing Words on 5-Panel Canvas Print 

We hope this write-up might have successfully guided you on how to deal with multi-panel canvas wall art. You just have to gather your pictures and select the best ones among them. And do not forget to get your best shots printed from your collection.   

However, if you are wondering where to get the best custom canvas prints, then get in touch with a company that is known for providing the best services for canvas prints.  

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