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A Parent’s Guide to Fortnite

A Parent’s Guide To Fortnite

Your kids have jumped on the Battle Bus. Fortnite is a popular game among teens and middle schoolers. It is ranked third in popularity by Ranker, behind Minecraft (#1) or Grand Theft Auto V(#2).

Common Sense Media, a website that advocates online safety for children, has some concerns about the game. The game is great for teaching kids how to work together, but the violence in Fortnite could be a problem.

Fortnite is violent. Fortnite is a survival game where players must kill each other. There are many weapons that can be used to kill other players, such as shotguns, assault rifles or pistols. After the battle, the victor is determined. Players can choose a celebratory dance to celebrate their victory.

While some parents may be lenient about violence in games, others are strict and don’t want their children (or teens!) engaging in any violence.

It is up to the family to decide whether your child can play Fortnite. Fortnite is a controversial topic. We have compiled a quick guide for parents.

Who should play?

Fortnite is very popular among middle school students, many of whom have not yet reached their teens. Parents can decide whether to allow younger children to play Fortnite. Parents are responsible for allowing younger children to play Fortnite.

Who is on My Child’s Team

Fortnite players can play “Duos” with a friend or with random players.

Children are more comfortable playing with their friends than they are with their parents. Fortnite is a game where friends can play together. However, this could be scary because the players communicate in Fortnite.

Some players might use inappropriate language and may be older or more mature that your child. Parents should be very careful with in-game communication.

Fortnite, like most games, allows players to report misconduct by. Parents should be vigilant when their children play Fortnite with unidentified team members.

It is best to make sure that your child’s friends can play online whenever they wish. Fortnite is best play with your friends.

Be Creative

Parents might wish their child to not battle. Fortnite’s creative side may be an option in this case.

Creative allows kids to build their Fortnite island. Epic Games’ site states that some players can land their new worlds on the Fortnite map. Players can still take guns to their world, however. The violence is not eliminated by creativity.

Fortnite’s Creative side is great for kids who love to create new worlds. They can also be featured and have ownership over their creation.

Fortnite Parental Controls

Fortnite parents who are anxious can use parental controls. Epic Games requires parents to create a PIN in order to allow parental controls.

Epic Games allows parents to manage multiple aspects of the game.

Epic Games allows parents to view a weekly report on Fortnite game play.

Epic’s parental controls help parents to take some of the worry off of Fortnite gaming by allowing them to use Epic’s parental controls. However, the controls don’t alter the game itself or make it less violent. Parents need to establish these parameters.

Other parental controls

Are you not a fan Fortnite? Parents can block Fortnite via parental control software. Apple’s app store can also be configured to require a password to all downloads. Parents can also control the downloading of games via this function.

parents have more control. They can use Screentime Labs to manage app downloads and monitor the communications between their children and their friends. Screentime Labs allows parents to control how much time their children spend online and playing games. You can set time limits and prioritize homework, bedtime, or dinner. Parents can pause the action instantly and encourage their children to stop playing.

Parents should have a discussion about parental control software before installing any software on their child’s devices. Before installing any software, we recommend that you tell your children. Be open with your children about the reason for installing the software and how it will be used.


Is Fortnite a Good Choice for Your Child?

Fortnite is a great game for kids.

Parents must make that decision for their children. Epic Games offers parental controls for Fortnite, which give parents some control over what their child sees and does. The parental controls won’t reduce Fortnite’s violence.

However, your parenting style and maturity will determine if your child is able to play Fortnite. Some parents might find the violence a little too disturbing for their children, and Fortnite is rated, Teen. The game is about survival, and players must kill each other.

Your family’s rules and preferences should guide the games that you allow your child download and to play. Popularity should not be the deciding factor when choosing a game to play. You should consider the content of a game, not fandom or fads.

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