A pilot style signed Patek Philippe replica

It is a magnificent return to the past and the history of aviation that Patek Philippe replica offers with its series of Calatrava Pilot Travel Time watches.


This family of instruments is now enriched with a new blue version whose moderate diameter makes it a model suitable for all wrists.


Five years ago,


at Baselworld,


Patek Philippe replica created a surprise with a Calatrava Pilot Travel Time watch with an original design.


This well-marked vintage-style instrument created a real break with the very classic spirit of the timepieces that the illustrious Geneva house had hitherto used to present at the Basel watch fair…


This little stroke of very successful stylistic“madness” was not the first attempt by the manufacturer which,


let us remember,


has already in its history,


shaken up its aesthetic habits stemming from fine traditional Swiss watchmaking.


First with the emblematic Nautilus in steel and its watertight case with side hinges(1976)then with the sublime Ellipse d’Or with perfect proportions because designed according to the principle of the golden ratio.


In 2015,with the first Calatrava Pilot Travel Time,


the manufacture positioned itself nicely in the field of so-called“vintage”watches that were a hit.


Equipped with technical attributes and additional functions for the most part,


this type of model is very popular because they often reflect the exploits of the great adventurers who have marked,


or even changed,



Patek Philippe replica

Suffice to say that Patek Philippe replica hit the nail on the head with its Calatrava Pilot Travel Time.


This creation pays homage to the great times of the conquest of the air by drawing direct inspiration from two wristwatches made in 1936 for aviators.


Preciously preserved in the Patek Philippe replica Museum in Geneva,


these very special timepieces are both equipped with a siderometer(hour angle):an intuitive tool that was used by pilots to quickly determine their position with precision.


A new version Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time for all wrists


The current Calatrava model does not have a navigation device but it is equipped with the additional mechanism to display a second time zone.


A technical element that naturally shapes the aesthetic originality of the 2020 edition that Patek Philippe replica has just unveiled.


This new reference 7234G-001 in white gold(€42,


180)is fitted with a varnished dial and a navy blue calfskin strap.


Above all,


it has the particularity of having a case with a moderate diameter(called“medium”size at Patek)of 37.5 mm which gives it the dimension of a mixed watch.


The Geneva house had already presented a version with the same diameter in 2018,


but this one combines polished pink gold with a black dial and a brown strap.


With this blue version,


Patek Philippe has achieved the feat of offering a beautiful vintage instrument which,


although aesthetically audacious,


manages to appeal to both men and women.


A model that will be the perfect travel companion for wealthy globetrotters.


But also fans of remarkable timepieces.


The Calatrava Pilot Travel Time features the self-winding Patek Philippe 324 S C FUS caliber.


Visible on the back of the watch,


through a sapphire crystal,


this movement with impeccable finishes,


stamped with the Patek Philippe replica hallmark,


is decorated with“Côtes de Genève”and features a 21-carat gold oscillating weight.


When Patek Philippe replica invents a very intuitive GMT function


Very easy to use,


it includes two separate pushers to advance(button at 8 o’clock)or reverse(button at 10 o’clock)the full hand of the local time of the country where you are(one hour in+or in–with each press).


Another openworked hand continues to point to the home time(country of departure).


A little extra security:a patented system locks the pushers by turning them a quarter turn.


The ingenuity of the manufacture is also expressed by the presence of two day/night indicators(HOME and LOCAL),


each one being affiliated with one of the time zones.


A good idea since the two hands evolve over twelve hours,


all you need is a glance at your watch to check,


for example,


that you are not going to wake someone on the other side of the world by phoning them by mistake in the middle of the night.


The birth of a new family of watches in the Patek Philippe Replica


With the new 2020 blue version,



fake rolex is building a new line of timepieces in its collection over time.


Diameter of 42 mm or 37.5 mm,


case in white gold or pink gold,


black dial and brown strap or blue dial and coordinated strap,


more masculine or feminine spirit or indifferently…The Calatrava Pilot Travel Time also inspires variations in limited series in steel(edition New Three-hand York on the occasion of the Patek Philippe exhibition”The Art of Watches Grand Exhibition New York 2017″or Singapore edition for the exhibition”Watch Art Grand Exhibition Singapore 2019″).


The manufacture has also reinterpreted it as a Grande Complication with a luxurious Alarm Travel Time version in platinum.

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