A Quick Peek into a Bride’s Skincare Essentials

Weddings call for the best of everything. We understand your excitement. You might be preparing for months to get the decoration, venue, food, and apparel right for your big day. From the wedding attire to makeup, everything must be flawless. Right? But are you paying equal attention to your skin? 

Wedding preparations can be exhausting with all the tasks and butterflies you might have for the new life ahead. And all this can be reflected on your skin. So it is essential to take care and pamper it well because it’s your glow and smile that matters in the end.

Like shopping, even skincare should begin at least two months in advance. Apart from using the best facial for bridal glow, consider several other essential steps that will surely help you get clear, bright skin: 

Bridal Skincare Essentials

  • Facial Cleansers: Cleansing your face with a good quality cleanser is the foundation for all the steps to follow. It will balance the moisturisation and give you clean, radiant skin. Since your face will bear a lot of makeup in the days coming ahead, it’s essential to provide it with the soothing touch of nature. Go for facial foams with natural ingredients like Japanese Sakura, known for their antioxidant levels and soothing properties. It will repair your skin’s barriers and promote smooth and supple skin. 
  • Facial Kits: Facial kits are a great way to take advantage of facial massages at home. Choose the best facial kit for the bridal glow. Regular salon visits might dent your wallet, whereas home facial kits are convenient, affordable, and eliminate the need for going out.

Try the Lotus Herbals Radiant Bridal Glow Kit. It is one of the best facial kits for a bridal glow that works miraculously, even on the most damaged skin. The product is formulated with 24 karat gold leaves to provide a healthy, youthful glow. 

  • Sunscreen: Sunscreen is an underrated skincare essential that must be on every bride’s vanity. Since you’ve to constantly go for Lehenga hunts and trials, event planners’ offices, and even your bachelorette: all this can cause suntan and dull and dry skin. Thus it is crucial to shield your skin with a thick layer of sunscreen to stop harmful UV rays from penetrating your skin and causing visible signs of ageing. You must never skip your sunscreen, even if you are not planning to step out during the day. Lotus Herbals have high SPF containing sunscreens suitable for every skin tone and texture. The Lotus Herbals Sun Safe Vitamin-C MatteGEL Daily Sunscreen with SPF 50 is a hydrating formula that does not dry out the skin. It has active ingredients such as orange and Kakadu plum that soothe the skin and reduce damage due to harmful UV rays. 
  • Lip Care: Well-hydrated lips can pull off any lip color and lipstick finish. With lip balm’s thick texture, it moisturises, lasts for a long time, and is preferred by everyone. Some lip balms also come with SPF that protects the thin lip layer from sun damage. Taking care of your lip health is necessary to have plum and soft lips at your wedding. Smooth and hydrated lips will facilitate better lip makeup application, and they won’t look chapped.

In conclusion, when it comes to pre-bridal skincare essentials, always pick a brand that makes organic and herbal products. Lotus Herbals is one of such brands known for making chemical-free and sulphate-free makeup and skincare. This way, you can get glowing flawless skin with the goodness of nature.

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