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A selection of fashionable knitted dresses for the autumn-winter season

Every new season we try to update our wardrobe, and buy a fashionable dress or stylish jeans. We use online stores more and more to buy this or that outfit because online shopping is very convenient. But there is one small nuance. To choose a really fashionable thing, you need to navigate through the latest trends.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose a dress for autumn or winter that meets the latest trends.

Fall – Winter 2018 trend overview: dresses

Don’t blindly follow high fashion trends. You need to understand the essence and apply the trends in terms of your daily wardrobe. For example, we all love cozy knit dresses. And maybe this is not the most popular material in catwalk collections, but as a casual dress, knitted dresses are almost the most popular among women. They are warm, comfortable, and pleasant to the body, perfectly emphasizing the figure. The main thing is to choose the right style and color.

  • Dress in the coat – modern classics Almost all girls and women have this style of dressing. That’s why it never goes out of fashion. It will be relevant this fall and winter. A cloak dress can be worn to work, for a walk, and for any event. This stylish style emphasizes all the charms of the female figure and perfectly camouflages the flaws. This dress fits both slim and curvy girls well. Therefore, if you are looking for a dress for every day, then a coat dress will be the perfect solution for you. In addition to the knitted dress, you can also pick up some stylish accessories to complete the look. You can focus on the waist with the help of a wide soft leather belt or fashionable bags. for the waist. If you like a dress with a neckline, then a stylish pendant will be welcome. Just do not wear too large jewelry, they are not relevant now.
  • Real laconic dress styles According to the popular style for everyday dress, a straight or trapezoidal cut is considered. It is worth noting that it is now in trend. Pay attention to the J collection. JS Lee. His main credo is simplicity, brevity, and style. The designer focused on dresses of plain colors and simple styles, in which there is nothing superfluous and distracts from the most important thing – the girl who shows it. This is quite an interesting move. Similar models of dresses also go almost everyone. They are relevant for any occasion. As a rule, a straight-cut dress is used more often than every day, but if you dilute it with stylish accessories and complement the image with a shiny clutch with stones, it will immediately turn into a cocktail version.
  • Colors and prints of the autumn-winter season 23]

Perhaps the most popular print in the collections of autumn-winter 2022 – 2023 is cells. And it can be absolutely everything: diamond, Scottish, etc. So, a dress in a cage should definitely appear in your wardrobe. This is a great office option. An example of elegance and an impeccable sense of style can serve as a dress from the new Chanel collection. An interesting solution was the combination of a business dress or a suit with an unusual style hat with a wide brim and leather decorations. You too can experiment and pick up this trendy heel in a checkered dress. Remember that hats of various styles are popular now, the main thing is that it suits you.
A variety of fancy geometric prints and stripes are also popular. Despite the fact that floral print is more often used in summer collections, this fall it will be relevant for women’s dresses as well. As for modern colors. Look out for deep blue, turquoise, aquamarine, ultramarine, and other similar colors. No one canceled the classic in the form of black, gray, and white. These shades are fashionable at all times.

What is important in choosing a dress?

In addition to fashionable color and correct style, you should also be interested in the quality of the product when you buy. It is difficult to identify from the photo, so check the seams and accessories carefully when accepting the order. Tightening is also a common problem. Make sure they are not on the front or side. If you buy knitted dresses in bulk, then check a few pieces selectively. Buy from a verified manufacturer. A good reputation is known for all Ivan’s knitwear.

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