Acquire the Knowledge on Fixing the QuickBooks Error 3371

QuickBooks is a multidimensional online accounting application used frequently by business organizations to deal effectively with large-scale book-keeping work. The diverse features and benefits, along with the constant updates, have made this application stand out in the technology world. However, users have recently started reporting issues while installing the QuickBooks desktop, commonly presented as QuickBooks error 3371. Contemplate this blog till the end to acquire information regarding the causes and troubleshooting methods to eliminate the error. In case of additional aid, you can contact our support team.

Interpretation of the Error 3371 in QuickBooks Desktop

Error 3371 in QuickBooks is one of the errors that can occur if the QuickBooks files stored on the device are corrupted. This error is also thrown when activating the program immediately after installation, with the statement “QuickBooks unable to load the license data. This might be caused due to the missing or damaged files .” The text confirms that corrupted files are the main reason for the same occurrence.

What Triggers the QuickBooks Start-Up Error 3371?

Along with the loss or corruption in the QuickBooks programs file, QuickBooks start-up error 3371 can be triggered by the following factors with various error codes.

  1. Error 3371 Status Code 11118: This error arises when the user tries to install QuickBooks on a new device with an old license certificate.
  2. Error 3371 Status Code 11104: This error is caused to missing a company file and using an older version of the QuickBooks application.
  3. Error 3371 Status Code 1: This error gets triggered when the license data cannot be accessed to log in to the QuickBooks desktop.

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Indications of the QuickBooks Start-Up Error 3371

Read the below-mentioned points to consider before confirming the occurrence of the QuickBooks start-up error 3371.

  1. The windows start to freeze and respond late.
  2. Other features and services stop responding in QuickBooks.
  3. QuickBooks starts behaving abruptly.
  4. The application closes and opens suddenly without any stimulus.

Tackle the Error 3371 in QuickBooks Desktop

To get rid of the error 3371 in QuickBooks Desktop, the user is advised to go through these methods.

Solution 1: Mend the Damaged QuickBooks Registration File

  1. Shut the QuickBooks application and open the Task Manager by clicking on the Control + Shift + Delete keys.
  2. Head to the “Processes” tab and select “QBW32.exe” Then choose the “End Process” option.
  3. Now head over to the “Run” window and find C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v6 or 8, depending on your desktop version.
  4. In this folder, search for the “EntitlementDataStore.ecml” file and click on the Yes alternative to confirm.

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Solution 2: Get the MSXML File

  1. Start the Run Windows and type “cmd.exe” Right-click on the folder and choose “Run as Administrator.”
  2. Enter cd\windows\syswow64 and then type regsvr32 MSXML6.dll. Hit Enter.
  3. Now from the Windows search button, search for the MSXML.mi file in the “Search Program and Files” browser and install the file.
  4. Download the MSXML.msi installer file, right-click and select Run as administrator.
  5. Complete the installation process by going through the steps mentioned on the screen
  6. Finally, once the installation is complete, install the QuickBooks application.

Wrapping Up

We hope that after going thoroughly through this blog, you will be able to eradicate the QuickBooks error 3371 from your system efficiently. We have covered the different types, causes, and troubleshooting methods to fix this issue. However, you can also dial 1.855.738.2784 for special assistance from our experts.

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