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Activities for children and parents during the school holidays in Kuala Lumpur

Activities for children and parents during the school holidays in Kuala Lumpur

The school holidays are here, and like every other year, you are looking for ideas to keep your little one busy. The school holidays are a great way to connect with your kids. You can spend quality time with them and be an active part of their world.

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Enjoy the sunshine at KLCC Park.

Go to KLCC Park and let your kids enjoy the children’s park and water park. With a book in hand, you can relax in the cool shade of the trees. If you feel hungry, go to the LCC Food Court in Surya and treat your children the way they want, life cannot be better than this. If you stay up in the evening, you can also enjoy Lake Symphony at the KLCC Fountain. We’re sure the kids will love it.

Take them for cultural performances.

It is important to introduce children to culture and what is better than taking them to some local performances. Malaysia’s Tourism Center Matic hosts an hour-long dance performance every day from 3 pm Monday to Saturday.children and parents  There is also a cultural show at Central Market every Sunday at 8 pm. A little bit of culture will go a long way in giving them new ideas and creating a different perspective.

Spend some quality time at KL Eco-Forest Park.

Spend a few hours enjoying the lush greenery at KL Eco Forest, formerly known as Bukit Nanas. Adapt your children to various trees and enjoy a stroll through the canopy. You will see many kinds of birds and monkeys. You can also take your kids inside the mini zoo. There are many trails and hikes to enjoy. Eco Forest Park is easily accessible from Minara KL and Jalan Raja Cholan.

Reach the stars in the planetarium.

Visiting the planets can be fascinating, especially if you are a child. The idea of ​​new stars and a whole new world could open the floodgates for imagination. Although the KL Planetarium is not the best in Asia, there is still much to learn, and it is definitely worth a few hours. They play 3D movies that enjoy the 3D experience. A cool place to visit during the holidays.

Bicycle around town

Do your children like to ride bikes? If the answer is yes, go to many cycling areas of the city, such as Taman Task Tetivangsa or Desa Park City. On Sunday, the shopping center will be a public motorcycle route. Cycling is healthy and fun and a great way to spend time with your kids.

Take them to the skate park.

If your kids love skateboarding or skateboarding, you can visit the skate parks in Montara, Putrajaya, and Shah Alam. There is no such thing as a little adrenaline to pump blood and create excitement and competition in the family. Some locations offer free informal skating lessons, such as the Whale Low Skate Shop. You can find them on Facebook.

Have a great weekend.

Islamic Art Museum Malaysia organizes arts and crafts workshops for children ages 4 to 12 every week. An adult must accompany children under 6.children and parents  Each workshop has a specific theme and begins with a storytelling session. They’re great for boosting your kids’ imagination. Lessons are available every Saturday and Sunday from 3 pm to 4.30 pm.

Volunteer for gardening

It is very important to plant a tree, and boys need to learn it early. Visit the Free Tree Society in Bangsar and volunteer in their nursery. Check the delivery of all sheets. You will plant new plants, rearrange pots or be part of the landscape. This is a fun activity and a great lesson for your kids.

Travel out of town.

There is no better way to connect than to travel together. More if you are a family. Pack up, draw a map (or Waze!) Choose a location and go on a road trip over the weekend. When traveling in this country, we are bad at choice. Pack your kids’ favorite snacks, play car games, sing songs and enjoy the beautiful scenery. They will like it.

Visit the National Science Center.

To have fun learning, take your kids to the National Science Center. It has numerous exhibitions and small activities to keep the children busy and excited. Reasonable ticket prices are RM6 for visitors over 13 and RM3 for children 7 to 12. Children under the age of 3 can enter for free. They hold a science show every day at 12.00 and 15.00 where they involve children in exhibiting scientific experiments. It’s really fun when you learn.

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