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All You Need to Know About Plant-based Hair Biotin

Hair Biotin

Essentially vitamin B7, biotin is widely utilised to promote healthy hair growth and quality. It has many advantages and increases keratin production in hair. A person’s ability to maintain healthy hair can be severely compromised by vitamin B deficiency.

neuherbs hair biotin powder is a fantastic remedy to prevent vitamin B7 deficiency. The only source of this biotin is from plants. To promote the health of your hair organically and toxin-free, neuherbs hair biotin for hair growth contains only natural elements obtained from plants and herbs. It is a natural, three-in-one DHT blocker for both men’s and women’s healthy hair. neuherbs hair biotin powder is a natural remedy for issues with hair loss, enhancing the condition of hair and promoting hair growth. In addition, the biotin powder is available in mixed fruit flavour, which improves both its outstanding taste and beneficial properties with a promise of purity. 

This article talks about the benefits of using neuherbs plant-based hair biotin powder, a step-by-step guide to consuming it, its ingredients, and some other details. 

Benefits of neuherbs Plant-based Hair Biotin

  1. Hair biotin powder for hair regrowth – Biotin for hair growth contains natural vitamin B7, extracted from sesbania Grandiflora. B7 vitamin is famous as a hair growth enhancer. The hair biotin helps in improved hair growth.
  2. Improves the quality of hair – The presence of omega-3 in the hair biotin powder helps to enhance hair quality. It fights dull, dry and rough hair by providing natural fatty acids which are required for the hair. 
  3. Fights hair fall problem – The neuherbs hair biotin powder contains DHT blockers. DHT is the hormone responsible for hair fall. The DHT blockers present in the product prevent hair fall in men and women. 

How to Consume neuherbs Plant-based Hair Biotin?

 1 – Take 5 gm or 1 scoop of the neuherbs hair biotin powder for hair growth

 2 –  Add the powder to 200 ml of lukewarm or normal water.

3 – Stir well and check that there are no lumps.

 4 –  Enjoy the mixed fruit healthy drink for your hair after 30 minutes of your meal and flaunt your healthy hair!

Main Ingredients

Natural Omega-3 

Fatty acids of the omega-3 variety aid in enhancing the natural gloss and structure of the hair. Flaxseeds naturally contain it, which is removed and added to the neuherbs biotin powder. Omega ALA, one of the most significant omega-3 types, is present in it.

The DHT Blocker 

Dihydrotestosterone, sometimes known as DHT, is a hormone that causes issues with hair loss. DHT blockers are included in the neuherbs biotin powder to stop hair loss. Pumpkin seed extract, green tea extract, pygeum extract, stinging nettle extract, silica from bamboo shoot extract and lycopene are all components of DHT blocker.

10,000 mcg Sesbania 

The biotin powder for hair growth contains biotin derived from sesbania Grandiflora extract. A fantastic plant-based source of biotin is sesbania Grandiflora. Using this promotes healthy hair development and root-to-tip hair strengthening.

Added Flavours 

neuherbs biotin powder has a mixed fruit flavour added to it to enhance healthy hair. Pomegranate powder, raw mango powder, rock salt and black salt are used to improve the taste.

About neuherbs Plant-based Hair Biotin 

  1. All the ingredients in the powder are natural and derived from plants and herbs. 
  2. That is preservatives-free.
  3. This has zero added sugar and hence can also be consumed by people who are diabetic or avoid sugar intake.
  4. Although it is mixed fruit-flavoured, it has no artificial flavour or colour. The flavouring is also done naturally using fruit powder. 


Natural hair health assistance is provided by plant-based hair biotin powder. You may now combat hair loss issues and grow healthy, strong and silky hair with only natural plant derivatives and herbs. The biotin powder was created naturally gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, preservatives free, with no added sugar and artificial flavour or colour in order to promote hair health in the most natural and toxin-free way possible. You can also include skin collagen in your diet. 

Improved immunity, endurance, energy metabolism, enhanced healthy blood cells, an active lifestyle and some other advantages are only a few of the additional benefits of using neuherbs’ plant-based hair biotin powder.


I am a food enthusiast who loves nothing more than a lip-smacking recipe. His passion for food and health has prompted him to curate health content to spread awareness about nutrition and health.

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