Are Epoxy Floorings Safe?

Epoxy flooring provides high durability at an affordable price. Epoxy flooring is long-lasting and offers aesthetic appeal. It also provides good resistance against slippages and spills. They are beautiful and add an attractive look to any commercial or residential floor, but you may be wondering if epoxy floor coatings are safe for your family, employees, customers, and pets to be around. So, are epoxy floors safe? The answer is yes.

Resin and hardeners that chemically react with the surface of your concrete, this both forms a coating of epoxy  by turning it from a liquid to a solid. After the epoxy floor is put down, your floor will be resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and impacts, and in many cases, it will also be less likely to slip.

Aside from how safe it is, many people wonder if the chemicals and fumes that come with putting down epoxy flooring are safe. The answer is yes. Most of the chemicals used to make epoxy flooring are no more dangerous than a can of paint from a store. Just like paint, after the epoxy flooring system has been installed, it is important to properly ventilate the area, so you are not solely breathing in the chemicals. Even though the chemicals are not dangerous and do not pose an immediate threat to families, clients, pets, or guests, it is not a good idea to breathe in the fumes directly.

Are the Epoxy Flooring Chemicals Harmful?

The answer to this question is no, epoxy flooring chemicals are not harmful to you; it is safe for your children or even your pets. They do contain a strong odor similar to a layer of fresh paint, But it is not a big deal if you keep area properly ventilated. After the finishes of all the curing process, your surface is ready for use, it will be safe in every way.

It is essential to keep in mind that hiring an experienced person or a professional with adequate knowledge and experience is very important when thinking about epoxy flooring installation. If the proportion of chemicals is not proper, if some steps in the preparation process overlooked, then there is a problem. There are DIY kits available for epoxy flooring options. Don’t forget that you require relevant knowledge and experience in the industry to use them.

So, is Epoxy Safe to Use?

If proper method and right way used to handle the epoxy flooring, if professionals installed it, epoxy flooring is absolutely safe to use. During the application process, the area needs to be well-ventilated so that strong smells don’t build up. There is no danger to you, your children, or your pets. As similar to fresh coat of paint, keep the area surface alone so that it can cure properly and give the clean, glass-like look for which epoxy flooring is famous for.

Epoxy Flooring: Safe Flooring Solutions for Everyone

When it comes to epoxy flooring techniques and surface applications, our team is best in the business. This way, we can give our clients unique, custom-made ways to cover their floors. As a non-slip and fire-resistant flooring option, epoxy flooring can do more than just look good in a person or in pictures. It can make your surfaces more resistant to damage, scratches, nicks from falling objects, and even liquids that could otherwise get into your floors. With epoxy flooring, it’s easy and quick to clean your floors, and putting it down takes surprisingly little time. Contact Smartcrete Decorative Solutions right away if you want to learn more about epoxy flooring options or about the services we offer.

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