Australian Migration Agencies & Their Work Responsibilities

What do you understand with the term “registered migration agency Australia?” A migration agent or agency is a registered professional who advises and assists immigrants, refugees, overseas students, and overseas employees to settle in Australia. Such an agent must undertake CPD training to upgrade their knowledge, get points and work continuously in the field. However, the journey to becoming a migration agent in the country is not so smoother, as it requires extensive preparation. At the same time, getting approval from the Australian Government to work in the field is essential. The blog shares the requirements to become a registered migration service provider in Australia.

Australian Migration Agencies & Their Work Responsibilities

Requirements to Become a Well-Qualified Migration Agent in Australia 

Every intended migration agent must meet requirements set by the Australian government to become a registered visa agent. Their dream to become a registered visa consultant can be shattered if they fail to meet even a single step. Some important requirements include-

Candidates must be 18 or above. Only Australian citizens, permanent residents, or New Zealand citizens with a special category are applicable for the work. It is the foremost requirement to pay attention to. If you meet all requirements except the age and resident status, your appeal to become a registered migration agent will go in vain.

Another mandatory requirement is to show proof of your education in migration law if you are registering for the first time. In addition, candidates must pass the Capstone Assessment, an independent exam to assess the eligibility of the intended candidates. According to the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA), the registered visa agent must have finished their Graduate Diploma in Australian Migration Law & Practice.

It is mandatory to apply with OMARA within 12 months of passing the Capstone Assessment to become a registered visa agent. Other requirements include proof of your English language proficiency and must obtain a National Police Check.

Every intended agent should have Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Things to Follow to Work Continuously as a Registered Migration Agent in Australia

A migration agent is a specialist in migration services. Each professional migration consultant must meet the compliance to sustain in the industry. After becoming a registered migration agent, you don’t need to pass the Capstone Assessment every year, but it is mandatory to meet the standard to work continuously in the field.

The regulatory department ensures that you maintain a professional library holding current acts, regulations, and policies at your business location.

Another requirement is to undertake a CPD or continue Professional Development every year because legislation constantly changes. A CPD is a short-term training session you can complete from a distance, online, or face-to-face. The face-to-face and online sessions don’t need assessments of the consultant, but the distance training requires assessments. The program ensures that the agent has upgraded their knowledge in the field and can continue his work. A CPD program helps to gain ten skill points to work as a visa consultant for next year. Throughout their career, they apply for a CPD program every year.

Australian Migration Agencies & Their Work Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities 

Working as a migration consultant is a big responsibility. You work on clients’ behalf to increase their visa approval chances. The job is challenging because you deal with various visas. Here are the work responsibilities of a migration consultant in Australia.


Guiding on Australian immigration laws and policies

The Australian visa regulatory board keeps changing visa-related policies. The policy for a visa you saw last year may have changed in the current year. A visa consultant keeps himself updated with the latest changes in a visa. It is how the consultant helps clients. The aim is to clear all types of visa-related doubts. Providing a recommendation for a suitable visa is the foremost work responsibility of a visa agent after considering their eligibility and needs.


Preparing documents and lodging visa applications

The visa regulatory board of Australia may reject a visa if the form or the submitted documents are incomplete. You must answer each blank in the visa form with honesty. The consultant works as a mediator by evaluating the visa application before lodging and helping collect all necessary documents.

Keeping An Eye on Processing and Corresponding with the Department of Home Affairs on behalf of clients

The visa process work is still ongoing after lodging the visa application. The consultant works on the client’s behalf to monitor the visa process. They reply to the authority on the client’s behalf if any visa-related issues arise. Keeping clients well-informed about the latest visa status is one of the essential work responsibilities of a visa consultant.


Liaising with legal professionals for court proceedings

A visa consultant in Australia works closely with legal professionals dealing with visa issues. Based on their knowledge, the consultant guides what next step can be helpful to get out of a visa issue.

Australian Migration Agencies & Their Work Responsibilities

A professional migration agent plays a prominent role in assisting with visas. The journey starts as a fresher to become an expert migration agent who has helped a significant number of clients.



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