Basic Requirements to Create a Good Website

When it comes to website design and development, a good web designing company ensures that its clients are getting the best-in-class services. If you do not have a website and planning to create one on your own, it is better to consider the services of the leading website Development Company in Noida. Before developing a website, you should consider some points that become vital for your website requirements. Let’s go ahead and discuss some of the prerequisites you should follow before designing a good website.

Domain Name Registration

Your domain name forms the URL (Unique Resource Locator) of your website. It is similar to your home and office address. When someone wants to reach out to you, they simply search for your address. In a similar manner, the URL is your online address. Once someone enters your URL in the search bar, your website opens up. For example, if the address of your website is xyz.in then it means your business is located in India and in a similar manner for .us(USA), .nz(New Zealand), etc. Always consider registering your website according to .co.in because you are using the primary domain, to create the pages of your website and the other can be pointed on the same website. Owning both versions protects your brand identity. You can take the help of the web designing company to register your domain name because some of the desired domains are already purchased by someone and you are required to bid for them. Each domain is register for a year or for multiple years. This is a recurring expense that you have to pay at some intervals or as long as you want to keep your website with you.

Web Hosting

A web or website host is an entity that owns servers located within the country or overseas. It is like a big locker where multiple customers save their belongings and you have to pay particular fees for its safeguard. You purchase a hosting account that gives you a server space for your website files to be store in. These files can be access and browsed by authenticated users 24/7 just like we do on Google Drive. There are three common hosting types:

  1. Shared Hosting – This is the cheapest option you get from the web host. Your website will share the server with many others and it can go up to 200 users or more. This is also considered as ‘flatting’ wherein you get a room but you have to share the complete house and the facilities with other flatmates.
  2. VPS Hosting – It is also a shared situation but you have more capacity to run your website depending upon how much you are willing to pay to upgrade your plan. For this, you can consider an example of having an apartment in a building to yourself. This cost more than shared hosting.
  3. Dedicated Hosting – Your website will remain on a server all by itself. This option is usually for large companies that require an extra layer of security. You have entire control by yourself and you shouldn’t hinder paying an extra amount. For this, you are getting a complete villa for yourself.

Email Address

Now you have an address, and a home but you require a mailbox in which you are going to receive your emails. It is optional to have your domain name and email address but having both same adds professionalism to your business. Apart from this, you can also get Google G-Suite that charges according to per email ID.


A good web designing company ensures that you are getting all the above-mentioned services with all your approvals. If you are looking for the leading website Development Company in Noida then always ensure that you are working with the one that ensures a professional approach.

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