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Home Improvement

Beautify your home with Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Home users who are either looking to build a new home or doing a renovation, the best way to add beauty to your space is doing a wall cladding with Natural Stones. The natural stone wall cladding is not only beautiful, but it would also always be the conversation starter when you invite someone for wine and dine at your house. 

Adding the natural stone wall cladding doesn’t only add beauty but on the functional front. But it is the best way to protect your wall from moisture, dust, microorganisms, and fire resistance. It acts as insulation from noise pollution and the sturdiness of the natural stone makes it last for decades. 

Natural stone wall cladding has all the aesthetic benefits you could ask for. Whether you want to give your house a contemporary or rustic appearance. 

Natural Stone wall cladding comes in different stone materials like limestone, sandstone, slate, marble, etc., features, sizes, and textures. The homeowners can choose from the vast variety of offerings available in the market that suits the project requirement and color preference. 

Formats of Natural Stone Wall Cladding 

Natural stone wall cladding comes in different formats and as per their liking homeowners can use them. 

Traditional/Classical Series 

This type of wall cladding has been in use since the inception of mankind. It comes in specific sizes mostly 30mm or thicker offerings and is a great way to clad your internal or external walls. 

Freestyle/Freeform/Loose Wall Cladding 

In modern architecture, this type of wall cladding finds extensive use and it creates one of the most beautiful walls anyone can aspire for. 

Under this series, the stone comes in random pieces, and it allows the architects or installers to use a free hand to put it on the wall which creates unique and distinctive patterns. 

Stacked/Ledge Stone Wall Cladding 

This is the best way in the stone industry to use the waste cuttings of the stone to create appealing and beautiful cladding material. 

Under this series, the stone pieces are pasted on a silicon mesh together to create a stack of natural stone. It is easy to put on the walls and it is a great way of saving the installation cost. It generally covers a large area while cladding a wall. 

  Advantages of Natural Stone Wall Cladding 

  • Buildings are shielded from moisture, dust, and germs by wall cladding, which also makes the wall strong and long-lasting. 
  • Some wall coverings, such as natural stones, are exceptionally heat-resistant because they can collect radiation and steadily emancipate it. Allowing the interior temperature to stay pleasant and steady. 
  • Since the cladding is impermeable by nature, it shields the building from forces that could weaken its durability’s, such as intense sunshine or rainfall. 
  • Natural Stone wall cladding protects the walls against all kinds of deteriorating agents, extending the lifespan of your structure overall. 
  • Natural stone wall claddings are less expensive, easy, and quick to install.  

Project Applications of Natural Stone Wall Cladding  

A natural stone wall cladding can be used in an array of projects in both the exterior and interior of homes. It comes in different materials, sizes, and colors. It is the best way to elevate the look of the home and add beauty to your project space. 

Let’s have a quick look at the types of project spaces where natural stone wall cladding can be used. 

Interior/Internal Wall Cladding Project Spaces 

A natural stone wall cladding can be used in a variety of internal project spaces. And it is sure to elevate the look, add elegance and make you fall in love with your home interiors. It’s becoming one of the favorite choices for house owners to use natural stones in interior project spaces. 

Natural stones in the interior projects can be used in doing bedroom walls, living room walls, fireplaces, kitchen walls, bathroom walls, corner walls, walls along the stairs, feature walls, and partition walls. 

Exterior/External Wall Cladding Project Spaces 

For exterior project spaces, a natural stone wall cladding is the most common way of adding a protective layer to your walls and simultaneously elevating the look as well. 

It adds a decorative accent and makes the exterior of the house royal and classy. The homeowners have also started using natural stone wall claddings to add a distinctive and exclusive look to their house exteriors. 

Natural stones in the exterior projects can be used in doing façade walling, boundary walls, retaining walls, external pool feature wall cladding, pool wall cladding, ledge walling, etc. 

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