Benefits and Drawbacks of DC Inverter Air Conditioners

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Nowadays, DC Inverter Air Conditioners are in trend. Its popularity has made almost everyone either buy it, or research the necessity of a DC Inverter Air Conditioner at home. In this article, we aim at telling you what is a DC Inverter AC? As well as, their benefits and drawbacks.

How do DC Inverter Air Conditioners work?

The compressor in the DC Inverter Air Conditioner is the most important part of the AC. The mechanics of the DC Inverter revolves around the compressor. In the non-inverter type split ACs the compressor functions on the start and stop mechanism. This way AC consumes three times more power, the room does not stay cool for a longer period of time, the machinery wears out sooner, and it is not budget-friendly.

The compressor in the DC Inverter Air Conditioner, on the other hand, works non-stop. Meaning, that as soon as the desired temperature has been achieved by the Air Conditioner, the compressor will slow down, but will not shut down completely. Meanwhile, the fan of the AC shall ensure that the temperature of the room does not rise any time soon.

Benefits of DC Inverter Air Conditioner

The benefits of having a DC Inverter Air Conditioner at home are a lot more than compared to other Air Conditioners. These advantages make it everyone’s first choice.

I. Energy Efficient

DC Inverter Air Conditioners have a stronger compressor. This feature makes it more efficient than other ACs. Since it keeps working at a slower pace or regulating its speed according to the need of the room, the DC Inverter Air Conditioners are energy efficient, as well as budget-friendly. Regular ACs consume three times more power than DC Inverters. Hence, they save you a lot of money on electricity bills.

II. Durability

Due to the compressor’s continuous effort, the whole machine has to work less. This results in saving the machine from wearing and tearing. Moreover, if you take care of its regular maintenance and service, the AC shall work for a longer period than expected.
III. Environmentally Friendly

The power-hungry machines usually contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer and discharge greenhouse gas. Again, the compressor plays a pivotal role, since it does not start and stop a dozen times, and it does not emit harmful gas. Moreover, usually, the compressor produces an irksome noise while starting and stopping. DC Inverter prevents noise pollution as well.

IV. Solar Power Friendly

Regular ACs, due to older technology does not operate on solar panels/power. DC Inverter, on the other hand, works the same on solar energy and ensures your comfort and peace.

Disadvantages of DC Inverter Air Conditioners

As compared to other ACs, Inverter Air Conditioners have lesser disadvantages.

I. Costly

Buying an Inverter Air Conditioner might not be easy on your pocket, as they may cost you a fortune. If you analyze its mechanics and functioning in the longer run, its energy efficiency shall save you a lot of money from the electricity bills. Hence, the disadvantage will eventually delve into an advantage.

II. High-Cost Repairing

Since the DC Inverter technology is not very common in Pakistan. The electricians who can maintain the inverter are not very experienced. Hence, these ACs might cost you a little more than expected when it comes to the maintenance or service of the Air Conditioner.

Moreover, you can easily avoid this hassle if you buy the AC from a reliable manufacturer, like Hyundai Power.

Best DC Inverter Air Conditioners in Pakistan

Hyundai has been providing its customers with cost-effective, budget-friendly, durable DC Inverter AC for a while now. If you want to lace your living space with visually pleasing, high-tech, new-generation features in AC, then buy your Air Conditioner from Hyundai.

Hyundai ensures durability, as well as, their warranty lasts for years. So even if your AC starts to act up meanwhile, you can avail of their impeccable services and enjoy a hassle-free Air Conditioner that shall make your living space heaven on earth.

Price of DC Inverter Air Conditioners in Pakistan

The price of DC Inverter Air Conditioners in Pakistan varies from brand to brand. Hyundai Power is among those few manufacturers who focus on the convenience of their customers. They have engineered Air Conditioners in a way that no feature is left behind, and the customers shall enjoy DC Inverter AC at their places at a cost that does not put a strain on their pocket.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Hyundai online, or make a trip to the nearest store and bring home a DC Inverter AC that shall prove to be a game-changer.

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