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Preschool Education for Children

Earlier preschool was just the place for kids to spend much of their time playing, singing rhymes, and reciting alphabets, and numbers. But in the past few decades, the definition of preschool has changed a lot. Preschools have gone through a transformational journey that introduces new concepts and methods of teaching and learning. 

The new concept of preschool helps children learn the foundational skills to understand the idea of lessons. Some tools and techniques are built to help children learn core concepts easily. Preschool is the basis of a child’s overall development in this age children can adapt and learn whatever they see around happening. 

Best Kids Preschool in Surrey plays an immense role in a child’s development. Let’s learn some of the benefits of preschool education and encourage people to provide this education to their children…

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8 foremost benefits of preschool education for children: 

Makes children kindergarten friendly-

Directly entering a kindergarten classroom will be difficult for your child. As they are not friendly with the structure and routine of a school. Preschools help your child to become adaptable to all those daily routines. They develop the habit of playing and studying with other children in the presence of a teacher. 

Establishes social and emotional development-

This is the first step toward developing social and emotional skills. In preschool, children learn more of these skills as compared to academics. All these things are taught to the children in a fun way. Social-emotional skills include learning to share, waiting for their turn, caring for each other, etc. these skills create a great impact on the higher academic of the children and in their personal lives too. 

Learn to take care of themselves and others-

When children learn to take care of themselves and others their sense of competence and self-worth grows. Children learn to wash their hands before eating and keep things in their place before moving to the next activity. They learn to keep the things if they are not in use and help their classmates in different activities.

Preschool taught children to help others if a child is more competent in doing one thing. Veteran students can help newcomers to find the things in the school that are unknown to them. 

Opportunity for growth-

Children got their first experience in a structured setting with teachers in a preschool. These schools are the opportunity to learn, share, and follow instructions. Growth of foundational skills also happens here which are much needed in elementary school. 

Promote language and cognitive skills-

Children between 3 to 5 learn language and cognitive skills in preschool. Their vocabulary grows from 900 to 2,500 words. Teachers help them expand their language skills by asking them thought-provoking questions. Introducing them to new vocabulary daily while having different fun activities like art, science, snack time, etc.  

Children build cognitive skills that help them to try new things, ask questions, see things from a different perspective and observe the world around them. 

Nurture a child’s curiosity-

Teachers use different interests of students to create activities that help to nurture their curiosity to learn new things. Through these activities, the teacher observes children, asks questions, and listens to children. The motive of asking is not to expect the correct answer but engaging children and make their curiosity clear about any topic.

Develops motor skills-

Preschool challenges children to do new things in new ways like improving physical coordination and allowing them to explore their environment. Best kids preschools in Surrey allow children to do activities like run, play, climb, etc. on daily basis.  These activities develop motor skills in children like threading beads or cutting with scissors. Such activities help them better understand hand-eye coordination. 

Teaches children how to be learners-

Preschoolers learn by playing. If you directly take your child to the elementary classroom, it will be difficult for the child to cope with all academic environments. Their strong sense and curiosity will not be able to develop and will be turned off from school. 

Preschool education allows learning things in a fun and interesting way. This helps them, to get in touch with some new thighs daily and play also. 


Preschools have become the need for this and upcoming generations as academics and learning capabilities have changed a lot. We can see the drastic change in a child after preschool or while in preschool. Parents did not get to know how their children learned everything very easily and fast. There are many Preschools in Surrey BC that provide the best education and other facilities.

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