Best 6 Tips You Must Know On Your Bhutan Tour

Bhutan, the Land of Happiness, may appear to be a simple destination for you, especially if you travel from India. Since Indians do not require a passport to enter the country, you may take things lightly and overlook important information that a tourist must have. This list of Bhutan tour tips is not generic in any way; these tips will provide you with important tourist information that you should be aware of in advance of your visit. Get a better understanding of the local laws and taboos and tips on making the maximum out of your visit to Bhutan. 

1. Buy Handicrafts Instead Of Antiques

Bhutan closely monitors and forbids the export of any antique. Don’t go for it if you don’t want to be punished. Local markets are a good place to invest and buy handicrafts because the shopkeepers sell them cheaply. It is one of the most important Bhutan travel tips because many people are unaware of the rule prohibiting them from carrying antiques.

2. US Dollars And Indian Rupees Are Both Acceptable

Another important Bhutan tip is about currency. Following that, of course, is the local currency; you can pay in USD or INR. So you don’t have to be concerned, especially if you’re planning a last-minute trip or have run out of local currency in Bhutan.

3. Respect The Royals

Bhutanese people regard their monarchs as god incarnations. They also object to disrespect for their religious sentiments and figures and the Nepali issue of the 1990s. So, make sure you don’t make fun of them. Another Bhutan travel tip is to dress appropriately when visiting temples and historical sites.

4. Experiment With Dha (Archery)

Bhutan’s national sport is DHA. DHA, or archery, is an intriguing activity to try while in Bhutan. If you don’t want to try it on your own, you can watch one of the matches in Paro. One of the most interesting things to do in Bhutan is to watch the Dha match.

5. Woolens And Shrugs Should Not Be Overlooked At Home

The weather in Bhutan can be unpredictable sometimes, so having woolens in your backpack will protect you from sudden temperature drops. Otherwise, you may have to go out and buy some for yourself. Also, because the locals dress conservatively, it is recommended that you bring clothing that is appropriate for the country’s culture.

6. Accommodations

Any Bhutan travel operator will provide you with the best accommodation in Bhutan. Bhutan travel tips and advice for tourists include finding lodging in Bhutan. Any client is required to spend at least one night in the farmhouse. You will get a true taste of Bhutanese culture. Phobjikha and Bumthang are ideal locations for a night in a Bhutanese farmhouse.

Bhutan has a limited selection of accommodation as an emerging tourist destination. However, the king recently permitted the first luxury resorts to open, and these now extend beyond Paro and Thimphu to increasingly remote parts of the country. Meanwhile, most accommodations are much more basic, and power outages are common in many rural areas. However, all the rooms we use have  suite bathrooms and, on occasion, a Bukhari (a wood-burning stove) to keep the cold night air at bay.

Bhutan is not a do-it-yourself tourist destination. Plan a trip with the help of a travel agency Bhutan. So, choose your dates, plan your Bhutan vacation, and arrive at the Land of Happiness easily! Don’t forget to bring this Bhutan Travel Tips guide with you!


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