Best Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies [Increase Your Conversion Rate Right Away]

Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies

With more than 300 million crypto users across the globe, the demand for cryptocurrencies is at its peak.

Reliable statistics say crypto marketing volume reached over $119 million last year. 2021 witnessed many new crypto projects popping up. 

And this has led many investment institutions, multi-billionaires, and commoners to step into the crypto business.

So if you are watching out for a way to drive more profits to your crypto projects in 2022, there is no better way than crypto marketing.

Due to the unstoppable competition, employing crypto marketing strategies became the only hope for businesses. And newbie crypto entrepreneurs to promote their crypto projects successfully.

If you are keen to know the essence of cryptocurrency marketing strategies, continue to read the blog. 

Top 7 Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategies 

If you’re unsure what it is or how to promote your crypto projects. Here’s a list of promotional strategies to help you get started.

Social Media 

Social media is the unanimous choice for any business to promote their products or services in this tech-driven era. The same rule is applied in the crypto sphere too.

Crypto marketing experts use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote their crypto projects to the global crypto community. By doing so, your crypto projects get highlighted, among others. 

Press Releases 

It is highly advisable to join popular media outlets with a good reputation. By doing so, one can effortlessly spread the news about their upcoming projects or tokens to the audiences.

A well-structured cryptocurrency press release has the potential to grab the attention of readers instantly and gives them insights into your crypto projects. 

Paid Advertisements 

If you want to capture an audience’s attention outside the crypto community, you can use the paid advertisements marketing technique. 

Search Engine Optimization 

This marketing method is one of the most preferred options to advertise crypto projects to a large set of audiences.

The firm’s SEO experts first identify and apply the right keywords linked with the projects, and when people browse in the search engine, info about your crypto project appears as the first option.  

Email Marketing  

One of the traditional marketing strategies could boost sales. Mails usually take the form of newsletters where a detailed report about the crypto project or token launch is included within it.

Mails based on crypto projects are sent to specific potential customers or existing consumers. 

Influencer Marketing 

The marketing crew prefers a new-gen marketing strategy to promote their crypto projects. The firm gets onboard the best crypto influencers with a decent audience user base to promote your crypto uncomplicatedly. 

Content Marketing  

Content experts from the firm create suitable and well-organized content to educate the crypto community about your project. Generally, good content takes the form of blogs, articles, infographics, etc. 

The Significant Role of a Cryptocurrency Marketing Agency

With increasing ICOs and coins entering the crypto sphere, it has become challenging for new crypto coins to reach the target audience.

The world has also seen several crypto billionaires emerge, and cryptocurrency’s exponential growth is piquing various industries’ interests. Here comes the role of a cryptocurrency marketing agency. 

Connecting with a professional cryptocurrency marketing agency saves you from wasting your time and money on experimenting with strategies that give no results.

Generally, a crypto marketing agency specializes in driving huge traffic, enhancing the project’s brand image, and making your crypto project visible among other potential projects. 

The main objective of crypto marketing is to create awareness, win credibility in the blockchain community, and generate demand for tokens.

The crypto marketing strategies the marketing specialists offer help you swiftly establish trust, partnerships, and credibility.

Before locking the best crypto marketing agency, one must research online about such marketing companies. 

Best Crypto Marketing Agencies of 2022

If you are still confused about which firm to go with, we’ve curated a list of some famous Cryptocurrency Marketing Agencies available in the crypto market:

Infinite Block Tech 

Infinite Block Tech is a famous Crypto marketing agency that helps startups gain exposure for their potential Initial Coin Offerings and projects by promoting them to the right set of audiences.

The firm has a proven track record of conducting successful crypto-project campaigns.

The company’s marketing team masters various promotions, including search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, influencer marketing campaigns, and blockchain marketing consultation

Blockchain App Factory 

Blockchain App Factory is one of the market’s most experienced and reliable crypto marketing agencies and is famous for its advanced marketing services.

Their unique way of promoting crypto projects gives the startups’ crypto projects the exposure it demands.

They have proficiency across various marketing channels that help keep your project shine among the competitors.


With years of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency, Appdupe creates hype over your crypto projects.

The firm has marketing specialists who help you generate the max ROI by improving the visibility of crypto projects.

They offer cutting-edge crypto marketing strategies, including social media marketing, content marketing, community management, influencer marketing, press releases, and search engine optimization. 


Hope the blog gave you some insights about crypto marketing companies and the strategies offered by them.

Since more than 18,460 cryptocurrencies exist in the market, the craze for investing in crypto or emerging crypto projects will not stop.

You must have an effective crypto marketing plan to make your crypto projects lead the competition. And joining hands with a crypto marketing agency is a must if you want to grasp the full potential of the crypto ecosystem.

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