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Download managers are a tricky beast. From what I can tell, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you want to share large files, you need both a way of downloading and a way of uploading. Yes, there are file transfer programs that do both — but they’re not free and they’re inconvenient to use (again, file sharing being inconvenient).
Maybe the best way to approach this is to try the small program that does it all. You find the download manager you like, install it on your PC, select the file type and you’re good to go. Then download some files and transfer them over. You might even save some time by downloading a torrent instead of downloading unzipped files individually — with torrents it’s faster because you only have to download a single file at a time (even though you might have other stuff on your computer).
You should be using one tool for download managers for all kinds of files regardless of file size: if it can do it, use it. That said, there are some limitations (some more obvious than others):
  • The program has to know about your Internet connection (e.g., know what speed and which ports you’re using)
  • It has to be able to work with multiple downloads at once — for example, if I want several HD videos simultaneously
  • It has to support local files (i.e., in your own home folder)
I hope that makes sense; if not just ask any questions here or in #torrents/fileshare/download managers on irc . I don’t think anyone can deny that a strong number of users depend on dedicated systems like this in their homes or offices — so why not try making them even better?

1. The best free download managers

Today I would like to share the best free download managers for Windows with you. This is not so much about downloading files, but about downloading media.
So in this list of download managers, we will be covering a lot of different topics, from video and audio to image and text. In each case, there are many different types of downloads available through these managers.
After a brief introduction to the topic, we will move on to our top 5 picks for the best free download managers for Windows:
1) WinRAR 5.0 Portable by WinRAR – WinRAR is one of the most popular file archivers in the world. The program is well known among multimedia enthusiasts because of its ability to compress large files without any loss in quality (more than 95% on average). It supports most common formats and can also speed up your downloads with its GUI interface. It has automatic updates which means that if you make any changes to the program; these changes will be reflected automatically inside WinRAR (which makes it really easy to manage your downloads).
2) 7-Zip 9.20 by Igor Pavlov – 7-Zip is a BSD licensed archive manager used since 1998 by professionals (such as myself) working with digital media such as music, images, or video files. The program works on all modern operating systems: PC and Mac OSX etc.; and can be run from both regular folders or external USB drives or other software RAIDs. Most importantly 7-Zip supports batch file processing modes so you don’t need to open it every time you want to perform some further action like extracting or writing new archives.
3) Easy UnRAR 6 Portable by Igor Pavlov – This is one of my long-time favorites for converting Windows RAR archives directly into 7Z format without having to run any additional software… Easy UnRAR does not use any 3rd party tools but has been developed in an entirely open way using very modern technologies such as Adobe Reader’s XML parser (which allows it even support file formats that are not supported by other RAR converters).
4) Winrar Pro x64 Edition 6 by Igor Pavlov – Another favorite of mine is WinRar Pro x64 Edition 6 which is also available as a 64-bit version and supports the most commonly used archive formats (including Windows RAR). The program comes with several features like incremental backups/updates; command-line batch processing mode as well as intelligent data deduplication algorithms which

2. The best-paid download managers

You know that feeling when you have a ton of content sitting in your iTunes library, but all your friends and family members can only access a fraction of that content; with only the most important pieces? That’s what happens when file sharers start managing their own libraries instead of leaving that to iTunes.
There are many different ways to get files from one place to another across the internet (or from computer to computer), but not everyone is better than the others. This is where to download managers come in. These tools act like gateways between different places on the internet; making it easy to move content from one place to another and then move it back again at any time.
While there are some free download managers out there (like BitTorrent); they are not as popular or as reliable as paid ones like RapidShare or WinAmp.
With so many options out there the best way to figure out which tool is right for you might be to look at your own situation first: do you have a lot of files sitting around collecting dust because you don’t know where they go? Do you have an existing library with titles spanning a lot of genres or subjects? Do you have TV shows or movies sitting around collecting dust without any way of getting them into your iTunes library?
If so, then you might want to consider having one handy tool manage all your files for you with no extra work on your end (which is exactly what few people will want). But if none of those apply then it might be worth considering free options such as UTorrent or WinAmp:
Here are some links about each product and links for downloaders that should help pull up reviews for each product:
UTorrent – RapidShare – WinAmp – Yandex – http://yandex…st_Download_Manager_Reviews_by_Rating BitDefender Download Manager Reviews Online Best File Sharing Websites – http://bitdefenderdownloadmanagerreviewsonlineonlinebestfilesharingwebsites


Here comes another topic that I know many of you will find interesting (and some may even find it surprising). In the same way that I’m a huge fan of the book “The Lean Startup”; this post is also a big fan of Tim Ferriss’s blog. If you haven’t read his book, I highly recommend it.
“The 4-Hour Workweek” is a classic and has become a bestseller in its own right. In fact, it became the #1 e-book on Amazon several weeks after it came out. It was followed by “The 5-Hour Body” and “The 4-Hour Workweek 2” which have also done well.
If you have time, these books are fantastic for giving you insight into some of the thinking behind the author’s methodology. Ferriss’s worldview is very much focused on being self-sufficient and building your own business from scratch (so he doesn’t take part in “corporate capitalism”). His books cover a wide range of topics but they all seem to agree that self-development should be at the heart of your life.
Over the years, Tim has been known to give interviews on how he got started on his path; how he got his start as an entrepreneur, etc. His interviews are always fascinating to listen to and give you an insight into how he thinks about things; how he approaches marketing as well as growth hacking techniques, etc.
So, this question is all about what tools do you use when setting up your website or any other online platform?
If you are like me then many tools not only help you manage your platform (such as WordPress or Joomla); but also help with SEO optimization (which plays a crucial role in driving traffic to your website). The best way to get started with SEO is by using Google Search Console; which allows users who install their own plugins or extensions; to see what search engines see their site for their keywords or phrases, so if anything looks off then change those settings!
Other than that there are many free web-based tools that can help you with your platform such as:
  • Your Hosting.
  • Optimization Tools.
  • Pay per Click Tools.
  • Email Marketing Tools.

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