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Best Remedies For Cracked Heels

There are several natural remedies for cracked heals. Some of these include Coconut oil, Neem paste, and Shea butter. Others include rice flour. Read on to learn more. You can also use a combination of these treatments to get rid of cracked heals. Try these remedies and see how quickly you can see an improvement.

Shea butter

If you are suffering from cracked heals, one of the best remedies is to apply Shea butter on your feet. This treatment will not only heal the cracked heals, but also keep them soft and supple. If you want to make use of the natural healing powers of Shea butter, make sure to use it on your feet at least twice a day.

Shea butter is highly beneficial for your feet because it contains anti-microbial properties. It will help prevent foot infections by reducing the number of microbes. It also contains antioxidants that can fight against free radicals and protect your skin from damage. Moreover, shea butter is packed with fatty acids, so it will promote the production of natural collagen. If used on a daily basis, it can help you heal cracked heals and keep them healthy.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and can penetrate deep into the skin, so it’s a great choice for treating cracked heals. It contains medium-chain triglycerides, which protect and nourish the skin. Coconut oil also softens and strengthens the tissues under the epidermis. Besides its moisture-retaining properties, coconut oil also smells tropical, which is perfect for your feet.

Another great natural ingredient for healing cracked heals is aloe vera. This herb is widely used in traditional cultures to treat a wide variety of ailments, including cracked heals. The gel has been shown to improve the health of the skin and reduce inflammation. It can be applied to cracked heals before bedtime.

Neem paste

Neem leaves are a key ingredient in Ayurvedic remedies for cracked heals. The leaves are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and when mixed with turmeric, they make an excellent paste to use on cracked heels. After applying the paste to the heels, leave it on for half an hour before washing it off. You can also apply neem oil to the cracked heels to help them soften.

Another remedy for cracked heals is to apply a paste made of neem leaves and sesame oil. Mix the two in a 1:3 ratio. You can also add some turmeric powder to the paste. After applying the paste, you can wear socks and shoes until the paste is dry. Repeat this treatment several times a day.

Rice flour

Rice flour is a natural exfoliant and purifier that can help heal cracked heals. It can be combined with apple cider vinegar, olive oil, or honey to create a paste that can be applied to cracked heels. Apply the paste several times a week to improve cracked heels and to keep them soft.

A foot scrub made with rice flour and lemon juice is another good exfoliating remedy for cracked heels. This scrub is also great for treating fungal infections. It also softens the skin of the feet, making them soft and smooth. You can add honey or apple cider vinegar to the paste to make a more effective scrub.

Another effective home remedy for cracked heals is coconut oil. It can be applied on the skin before bed or after bath. Although it will look greasy, it will quickly absorb into the skin. or you can use any moisturizing cream for your cracked heal. You can also apply fruits to your feet, which will help your skin absorb vitamins and minerals. If you’d like to make a fruit mask to apply on cracked heels, you can use banana, papaya, or pineapple.

Avocado and banana mask

A banana and avocado foot mask is a quick and easy way to treat cracked heels. The two ingredients contain a lot of healthy fats and vitamins. They are also great moisturizers. Simply blend half an avocado and a ripe banana into a smooth paste and apply to your feet. Leave on for about 20 minutes and wash off. You can also use olive oil, but you should note that olive oil is not suitable for all types of skin.

The two ingredients are both rich in vitamins and nutrients, making them great for dry, cracked heels. Bananas and avocados are packed with potassium, oleic acid, and other beneficial ingredients. Once mashed, they can help treat cracked heals and provide relief from itchiness.


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