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Blancpain Fake Watches Fifty Fathoms Deep Submersible Flyback Chronograph-Extraordinary in a low-key

Fake watches: In Shakespeare’s considered the last complete masterpiece “The Tempest”, the elf Ariel sang “Five fathoms deep water lay your father, his bones are coral into…” in the ballad, Blancpain classic wristwatch The word “fathoms” in the watch series Fifty Fathoms is translated from the word “fathoms”, which is a unit used by people to measure water depth. More than 60 years ago, the first Fifty Fathoms watch was born. Under the air compression technology conditions of the 1990s, the Fifty Fathoms (91.44 meters) was considered to be almost the limit depth that divers could dive to. Its originator of the diving watch Well deserved status!

In my opinion, the so-called top brands must be those that can continue to innovate and bring you some surprises under the seemingly ordinary appearance. And Blancpain is just such a brand that can bear such praise. However, even with such a mentality, I have to admit that when I saw this watch for the first time, I still underestimated Blancpain’s brand technical innovation strength.Swiss Fake Watches

Today, high-tech ceramics have become the new darling of the watchmaking industry because of their bright luster, high hardness, no rust and discoloration, no staining, and stable chemical properties. However, even ceramic Luxury Replica Watches have high hardness, are not easy to wear, and will never With a series of advantages such as fading and not hurting the skin, I still don’t have a good impression of ceramic fake watches.

The reasons are nothing more than two points. First, in my opinion, when a man wears a watch, what he pays attention to is to show his extraordinary taste in a low-key way. This is like the red carpet on the major film festivals every year. Women’s battlefield, and the high-gloss ceramic material is obviously not a low-key choice; second, in my impression, the shape of the case and strap of the ceramic watch is basically the kind without edges and corners, smooth Full, this kind of gentle material is indeed a good choice for women, but it is a bit too delicate for men. Men should always have some “edges and corners”.

And the reason why I underestimated this watch is precisely because I have such a humble opinion. When I first saw this watch, I thought it was a low-key black Fifty Fathoms watch, but I didn’t notice that the case of this watch was also made of ceramics. Because its case is not as smooth and delicate as the ceramic case in the impression. Instead, it has sharp edges and corners, and it also has a somewhat rigid texture of metal, especially in the treatment of its lugs.

For watch lovers who love Fifty Fathoms, everyone must be familiar with this classic section at the lugs of the Blancpain submersible watch. However, before I saw this watch, I never thought that the ceramic case could cut such “sharp” edges. The handling is finally attributed to smoothness. Because compared with metal materials, even high-precision ceramics have poor microstructure uniformity, which seriously reduces the thermal shock resistance of the material. At room temperature, the deformation resistance to shear stress is very large, and it is easy to form cracks and collapse. Excessive or even material fragmentation. This is the so-called “too rigid and easy to break”.

However, Blancpain did not give up this classic section of the submersible watch due to technical difficulties, but challenged the ceramic cutting process on this watch. It tightly modifies the outline of the watch and adds a rigid temperament to the ceramic case. The same effect is also played by Blancpain’s ingenious matte polishing, which makes the glossy ceramics in my impression give off a completely different low-key texture.Swiss Fake Watches

Speaking of this, some watch friends may think that the delicate light perception of ceramics is a major feature of its material. Is Blancpain’s move unnecessary? In fact, this is not the case, which just reflects Blancpain’s inheritance and persistence of watch history and culture. As the originator of diving fake watches, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms has cooperated with the military of many countries. Many of its technologies are also designed for military needs. The matte case can minimize the risk caused by reflection, so it is suitable for soldiers to carry out secrets. A covert request for action. Therefore, most of the cases of the Fifty Fathoms series watches are matte.

The same principle is the dial of this watch. The black dial is matte treated, showing a delicate and low-key luster, but the black design of the whole body does not make this watch look lifeless, and the exquisitely decorated chronograph dial With the dial, bezel, case, and even the strap, together with the super fluorescent materials filled on the hands and scales, every detail of the watch exudes different textures, making it maintain a low-key military watch style at the same time. It shows extraordinary elegant taste with rich layering.

There are many similar examples. It can be said that many detailed designs of the Fifty Fathoms series have gradually settled down along with its long history. Another example is the “big crown” of this watch. The purpose of this design is to enable divers to rotate the crown conveniently when working underwater. Blancpain’s “big crown” is much more beautiful in appearance, and it is not overly enlarged while ensuring convenience.

But the so-called inheritance does not mean sticking to the rules and not changing, but based on the classics and bringing forth the new. This watch also shows Blancpain’s courage in innovation. For a diving watch, the unidirectional rotating bezel for underwater timing is a very important function. In order to allow divers to recognize the time more clearly, and at the same time avoid erosion, bumps, and scratches in complex underwater conditions The chronograph outer ring, the Fifty Fathoms fake watches launched by Blancpain before 2013 used sapphire, which is second only to diamond in hardness, to protect the fluorescent scale coating, and specially developed a new patented adhesive for its sapphire crystal rotating outer ring. agent, so that the bezel and the metal case can be firmly bonded. The luxurious and thick sapphire bezel became a very recognizable feature of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms series watches.

The bezel of this submersible watch does not continue to use the sapphire bezel of the Blancpain fake Fifty Fathoms series that has been popular for more than ten years, but restores the original ceramic bezel of the Fifty Fathoms in appearance. This ceramic bezel seems unremarkable, but in fact it has a lot to offer. It does not simply carry the original Fifty Fathoms, but fills the Liquidmetal® alloy scale in the pre-engraved ceramic word circle.

Liquidmetal is a liquid metal, which is an alloy of five metals including zirconium, titanium, copper, nickel, and aluminum. It is solid at room temperature, no different from ordinary metals,

but because it is an amorphous alloy mixed with various metals. The physical properties of Liquidmetal are very similar to glass, without a fixed melting point

(it will gradually soften when exposed to high temperature), but also because there are no crystal boundaries,

Liquidmetal has the advantages of high smoothness, high hardness, high elasticity, and high corrosion resistance. It is special The structure can be seamlessly integrated with the ceramic bezel. This proves that when Blancpain innovates products, it never only pays attention to the appearance

and gives up the pursuit of the historical value and fundamental functional principles of fake watches.Replica Watches Store

A professional watch naturally needs a professional movement. This watch is equipped with an F385 self-winding mechanical movement,

which is improved from the F185 movement that has won many international awards. The movement frequency reaches 36,000 times per hour (5 Hz), which can Provides a power reserve of about 50 hours. The movement has a built-in column wheel timing device and a vertical clutch,

providing the watch with an excellent flyback timing function. The wearer only needs to press the button at 4 o’clock to quickly reset to zero

and restart the timing function, achieving multiple consecutive fast timings. In addition, the button can guarantee 300 meters of water resistance, ensuring the safety of underwater operations.

At the same time, as a watch with military quality, antimagnetic performance is essential. This movement is specially equipped with a titanium alloy balance wheel and a silicon hairspring with good antimagnetic performance. Protect the movement from the interference of the ubiquitous magnetic field, so as to ensure accurate travel time. On the other hand, for military best fake watches, it is more important to prevent it from interfering with electromagnetic

equipment or even triggering mechanisms due to magnetization. Its small balance wheel design , not only runs smoothly, but also can effectively reduce the consumption of kinetic energy.

Through the anti-glare treatment of the sapphire crystal glass in the center of the bottom cover,

it is as if there is nothing, and the exquisitely crafted movement can be seen at a glance. In the polishing of the splint, this watch does not use the Geneva ripples that are often used

by Swiss watch brands to show off its craftsmanship, but simple and delicate stripes. In my opinion, this is exactly in line with the low-key military watch positioning of the Fifty Fathoms style. However, low-key is by no means rough. The chamfering and grinding of the edges of each plywood are extremely fine. As I said, it can also bring surprises to people under the seemingly ordinary appearance.

With the growth of age and the increase of experience,

people will inevitably become more and more rounded by the society. However, the more this is the case, the more it makes me feel that the persistence,

sharpness, non-following and connotative low-key in my heart are more important. Men choose fake watches, in addition to being a timing tool,

isn’t it more about personal quality and pursuit, as a symbol of their own feelings?

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