Bus Branding: An Effective Way to Promote Your Business

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In today’s competitive world, advertising is a need of any business. Each company needs to advertise their product and services through various modes of advertising, including print, electronic, digital and outdoor, according to the business’s target audience’s requirements. Bus advertising is one of the most effective out-of-home advertising mediums to promote your product and services. Since buses run in a fixed route either in the city or between two cities, businesses can conveniently opt for this advertising mode to target people for business on a geographical basis. It helps businesses on a large scale.

Bus branding can be of different types according to the need and budget of the business. With a bus advertising company, you can discuss your advertising goal, budget, and your product/service type to choose the best bus branding for your business.

Type of Bus Advertising and Branding

External Bus Advertising

External bus branding includes left and right side panels, back panels, side highlights, or full bus wraps with any form of graphics, text, and other visuals. The external bus advertising targets thousands of people daily, whether they are travelling by or outside the bus. With excellent visibility, external bus advertising proved to be successful Out of Home advertising

Internal Bus Advertising

Internal bus advertising consists of advertisements at seat backs, windows, bus handles, and inside bus panels. The advertisement targets a specific number of people who travel by that bus which consists of the ad. The internal bus brand is cost-effective and most targeted compared to external bus advertising. You can choose the bus advertising option as per your advertisement needs.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Bus Advertising


Location is one of the primary factors that affect the cost of your bus branding. The route covers, the types of audience it carries, and how many rides the bus can in a day affect the cost of the bus advertisement. The bus that runs from the rural area to the urban area costs entirely different from the bus which runs in the city.

Ad Placement

Since buses are open to place ads at various locations, the costing for different parts of the advertisement prices differently. For example, if you opt for complete bus wrap, you will need to pay a high amount compared to advertising with only the back panel or right and left panel. Internal bus advertising also costs less than external bus advertisements.

Time Duration of the Campaign

How many days, weeks, and months do you want to run your campaign? The time duration of the campaign affects your ad budget. If the number of days is high, the budget will be increased. Although, since you started advertising to fulfil your goal. Must analyze how many days your campaign needs to tackle advertisement objectives.

Number of Buses Needed

You can’t reach your target group by placing an ad on only one bus. However, you can do so if it’s what your advert needs. But, if you choose multiple bus options, it will affect your ad budget. If the number of buses is high, the cost of the advertising campaign will also be increased. Choose the number of buses for your ad smartly.

Audience You Can Target with Bus Branding


Local buses are the top choice for college-going and competitive class students, As the bus fare usually stays low in comparison to other transport modes like cab or auto rickshaws. Moreover, bus mobility is inside the city. It is also a better option than the train or metro for some towns. Its easy availability is also seen in multiple parts of India.

Office going

Because of mobility, convenience, and economical fare, buses are also the preferred travel option for daily office-going people. In cities like Pune, Bengaluru, Patna, etc., people like to travel by bus. With internal bus branding, companies can smoothly target a group of working people.


Homemakers also use the bus as a transportation mode to go shopping and for other needs. Buses are one of the essential travel modes to travel inside the city and go to remote areas and crowded places.

Leisure commuters

Many people like to travel by bus because it offers scenic routes and gives the opportunity to see the city’s tall buildings, culture, and places by being on public transport. With bus advertising, you can target these leisure commuters.

Moreover, since the bus runs a fixed route, it targets locals like people living in those areas, running dhaba on highways, doing farms at roadside fields etc. Yescom media allows you to do the best bus advertising in India.

The company is a 360-degree solution for branding that offers numerous outdoor advertising, including wall painting advertising services, digital wall advertising services, cab branding, auto branding, LED van advertising, hoarding, and more at cost-effective packages. Besides, it also offers digital marketing services for brand building that consists of social media marketing, SEO, Content marketing, etc.

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