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Buy LED high bay lights To Save Cash

Men and women who work in the shop immediately see when their land lord is trying to cut back on the electricity bills in an unwise manner, as they typically take their time repairing lights or replacing bulbs that have blown out. Others require that their tenants only use lights that have a very low wattage, which can cause a severe eye strain for either the tenant or the tenant’s customers.

Save the tons of money by using LED high bay lights

Electricity saved in this manner is not good for anyone except for the business owner. However, electricity use can be cut down by at least two- thirds with some smart commercial lighting procedures. For instance, using green Led high bay is becoming popular with business owners who are trying to save money while providing the Led high bay needed for proper commercial work.

For example, by surrounding a single fluorescent light with a reflective metal or mirror in the fixture, the light from the one bulb will be reflected and give off the same amount of light as if the fixture was holding three light bulbs instead of just one. If this is done throughout a building, the electrical bill will dramatically go down within a month.

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Various options in LED high bay lights

Another way to save on Led high bay that is not new to companies is connecting timers or motion sensors to the lighting systems of each room. This way, when there is constant motion and movement in one room, the lights will stay on, but in another room, where there is not as much activity or human presence, lights can be set to turn off when the room is empty for several minutes or hours at a time.

With these various options to Led high bay, the Led high bay lights of a building doesn’t have to cost the land lord or building tenants an arm and a leg to afford. Simple, but effective strategies can be implemented so that the commercial building or store can be as bright and cheerful as needed to attract the right type of business and clientele needed for success, without costing a fortune.

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Common mounting option for LED high bay

Yoke Mount Bracket

With these brackets, high bay lights in the UFO type can be mounted on a level surface and can be tilted to fit sloped roofs. In particular, in buildings with lower roofs that nonetheless want to use high bay lighting, these are useful for lights that are put up against a ceiling.

Suspension Hook Mount

The vast majority of high bay mounting solutions are suspension hook mounts, which dangle a light from a ceiling at a variety of distances depending on the needs of the application. Although these need some suspension system modifications, they are relatively simple to install and occasionally don’t even need a mounting point modification. Though technically they can mount anywhere with a hook, they commonly employ cables or chains for their suspension mechanism.


V-Hooks are common hooks that are used to suspend high bay fixtures from a ceiling or other raised surface. Typically, they come in separate parts that bolt onto the fixture using threads typical of electrical conduit. The majority also include a locking screw to keep them in place, prevent unintentional disengagement, and prevent falling.

Surface Mount

The most appropriate mounts for applications requiring the most vertical clearance under the light itself are surface mounts. Surface mount lights have a low profile fixed angle bracket to achieve this while yet allowing enough space for heat dissipation and ventilation. This allows the unit to be mounted as close to the ceiling or mounting surface as feasible.

Rod and Plate Mount

Comparable to suspension mounts, this mounting solution connects a high bay light fixture to a metal mounting plate attached to the ceiling via conduit-style rods. These are the most fashionable suspended or hanging mounting solutions available because they allow the wiring to be enclosed in a sleek rod that may be painted or customized to match the facility’s decor.

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