Can you wear a maxi dress if you are short?

Regardless of the popular weird assumptions, a short and petite girl can wear a maxi dress just like standard-heightened and tall girls. And that’s the maxi dress’s versatility that women of any body shape, figure or curves can rock this one-piece attire, dressing it up or down the way they want. 

Maxi Dresses are Perfect For Petite and Short Girls!

The term maxi dress has been referred to as ankle-length, informal dresses since the late 1960s. And as it’s a myth that long dresses make shorter girls look even shorter and unpleasant, the same were the thoughts about maxi dresses for petite girls. But that’s not the case. 

If you have a petite frame like 5’2”, women’s maxi dresses are one of the most flattering outfits for you. The reason is that, if you are short, adding a perfect length to your outfit is one of the key aspects for elongating the silhouette and creating an impression of a taller look.

They Are Just The Best! 

Wearing a dress in perfect long length is your best bet, and maxi dresses are here to serve you, whether you wear casual maxi dresses or formal ones.

Besides, maxi dresses are so forgiving! They are comfortable, versatile, stylish, look cute, sort out matching issues, and save precious razor minutes because you don’t need to panic about not shaving your legs; They are just the BEST!

Tips To Wear A Maxi Dress For Short Girls?

You just need to ensure that the dress should be in a perfect long length and suits you without being engulfed. Plus, always follow certain guidelines so the dress brings out your best features while concealing the flaws. 

So, here you go!

Go Monochromatic Or Solid!

  • Solid-coloured maxi dresses, particularly darker ones will undoubtedly elongate the appearance of a short person for the basic reason that they are slimming(therefore elongating), and it offers less eye distraction.  
  • Dark and solid colours are a must for plus-size petite women, but if you are petite, you can afford to style light solid colours. 
  • If you like wearing colour block maxi styles, you just need to make sure you are wearing a monochromatic outfit, otherwise, try to pick up one with block orientations that won’t cut you in two. 

Choose a Print Or Pattern Proportionate To Your Size!

  • It’s pretty much mandatory to wear a printed maxi dress given their abundance and popularity. Keep in mind to choose the prints that are appropriate to your size and look good on you. 
  • It matters the most. If you have a short and thin frame, choose maxi dresses with smaller prints. Wearing a large maxi dress with pretty large patterns and prints will be too much for your petite frame, making it look weird. 
  • If you are short and medium-built, medium-sized prints are your best bet. But if you have a petite frame and you are also a plus-size woman, medium-size patterns and prints will look flattering on you rather than large prints. 
  • The same goes for taller and slimmer women, large prints suit and complement their naturally elongated frames. 

Select the Right Cut

  • In general, maxi dresses for women with a cut closer to the body appear flattering. Plus, the best dresses are those made of silk or soft, flexible jersey fabrics stitched on the bias. Avoid wearing balloon, boxy, and tent-like dresses made of extra stiff materials.
  • Try wearing a maxi dress that highlights your waist, whether it be your true waistline or the empire waist. 
  • If your midsection is heavier, choose an empire cut maxi dress with lightweight and soft flowy skirts; they work great in concealing tummy bulges and creating an impression of longer legs and more height. 

Select the Right Length

Again, contrary to common assumptions, floor-length dresses always work great for petite ladies, compared to ankle-length dresses, and there is no other way around it. 

But why is it like that? So, once the hemline of your dress touches the ankle, whether you are wearing high heels or not, you’ll look shorter because the hem acts like a horizontal line cutting over. 

Plus, it would be great to do yourself a favour and say a big NO to tea-length dresses. 

Choose the Complementary Footwear 

With a maxi covering a significant portion of your overall body, it’s better to leave the feet open and sexy. Some might argue that it looks good to wear women’s pumps under a maxi dress, but it looks unflattering, in my opinion.

A pair of strappy heels go perfectly well with a maxi dress, and these two make a heavenly outfit combo. If you want to wear flats, go for those which expose a little skin.

So, how much did you like this guide? We are pretty sure you are loving this, and these tips will be at your fingertips next time you’ll wear a maxi dress. 


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