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cartier replica Tank More than 100 years of history

Elegant and sophisticated,sometimes masculine,sometimes feminine.Over the years,the Tank cartier replica watch has graced the wrists of movie stars,

first ladies,

fashion designers and many others,

being one of the most popular watches from the brand.

Its name and design pay homage to a French tank used during the First World War,

the Renault FT-17.

cartier replica gave the first prototype of the Tank watch to American General John Pershing in 1918.

It may seem strange that a watch,

especially one as elegant as the Tank,

derives its name from military equipment.


the tank was highly regarded for its innovation,

as it was the first to house its gun in a fully rotating turret.

The Early Years Of The Cartier Replica Tank Watch

From the time it went on sale in November 1919 to the end of December 1969,

more than 6,000 Tank watches were manufactured and sold.

In 1919 only 6 units were made and sold in a couple of months.

In 1920,

the firm increased production and released 33 pieces,

but due to sales success,

104 watches were sold per year in the second half of the decade.

As the Jazz Age unfolded in an Art Deco environment,

wristwatches became essential pieces for elegant men,

although they were sometimes accompanied by pocket watches.

In 1921,

cartier replica released the Tank Cintrée model,

with a more rectangular case than the original Tank model and with a curved case to follow the shape of the wrist.

Fred Astaire bought one of these models in 1928.

In 1922 came the Tank Louis Cartier,

which has become the“default”Tank,

with its beautifully proportioned rectangular case and rounded corners.

Also that year,

Cartier introduced the Tank Chinoise,

inspired by the oriental culture that was fashionable at the time.

Also in 1922 came the Tank Allongée,

in 1926,

the Tank Savonette and Petite Tank Rectangle(one of the few models aimed specifically at women),

and as the decade drew to a close,

the square-faced Tank Obus.

Some of these models created quite a stir,

others remained little known until they were revived in the early 2000s by the Privée de Cartier collection.

FROM 1930

In the 1930s,

three new variations of the Tank de Cartier appeared on the market:the little-known Tank Forme Baguette(an elongated rectangle),

the TankÉtanche,

with a lunette above the dial and a lockable crown that made it water resistant.

and the Tank 8 Jours,

with a double-barreled movement that provided an eight-day power reserve,

an outstanding technical feat at the time.

Produced in very small quantities,

this model is highly coveted by collectors.

FROM 1950

As the years passed and radical changes took place in the social order and the rules of fashion,

the Tank de cartier replica watch remained immune to trends and became the object of desire for very different artists and celebrities,

from Muhammad Ali,

to Ingrid Bergmann.

FROM 1980

Cartier replica

Even as the mechanical watch renaissance gained momentum,

the Tank remained the go-to watch for many buyers.

Although at this time,

the mansion focused on new Tank designs rather than mechanical innovation:Tank Américaine in 1989 was a larger,

bolder version of the elongated rectangle of the 1920 Cintrée;and the Tank Française in 1996 featured an assertive square case and chunky metal bracelet.


In 2012,

cartier replica also introduced the Tank Folle and a revival of the Tank Louis cartier replica,

which had been in the catalog from 1922(with a minor update in 1944)until 1998.

The new Tank Louis Cartier XL Slimline,

which carried the caliber 430 MC hand-wound by Cartier and measuring just 5.1mm thick,

it was a triumphant return of the design that had become a benchmark for all rectangular wristwatches for nine decades.

A few years into the new millennium,

Cartier realized that the key to fine watchmaking was to develop and produce its own movements.

And so the Cartier Fine Watchmaking division assumed control of CPCP.

The 2009 launch of the Tank Américaine Tourbillon Volant(with caliber 9452 MC,

the first Cartier movement to bear the Geneva Seal)set the stage for what was to come,

several Tank models housing a number of haute horlogerie movements,

including the sublime Tank MC Skeleton and the Tank LC Sapphire Skeleton.

What is clear is that as the years go by,

the Tank de cartier replica and replica rolex watch will continue to be an iconic model that will continue to outperform itself.

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