Cat Eye Sunglasses: Buyer’s Guide

Wearing rules for cat eye sunglasses

In the ’50s, Cat Eye Sunglasses looked very feminine and glamorous for everyone from librarians to Hollywood stars.But now, these styles look retro. Only after improvement can it form the current classic style.

Black cat eye sunglasses are now more styled than ever. You hear it every year, so it’s not only a safe investment but your next best fashion move.They are black glasses dresses!
A glamorous modern look would never be complete without a refurbished ’50s retro-inspired cat eye frame with ’50s drama!
These shades are an expression of dialogue fragments and personal style.

Even though this style is timeless and a true classic, the versatility of cat eye frames is essential.

With a single classic style, you’ll be able to play to create entirely new combinations, from rock outfits to bohemian and professional looks.

Audrey Hepburn often wore cat-eye sunglasses, which weren’t just a must-have for retro, hot or elegant.
Here are photos to prove that this stroll around the city is more elegant!
Pair your vintage-inspired sunglasses with a pair of skinny jeans and a baggy shirt, grab a small iced coffee, and you’re ready to explore! When you’re dancing in the sun for a long time, your eyes need better UV protection.  While looking more stylish in a cat-eye pair of shades, this will become even more powerful than the Coachella lineup!
In addition to trusty UV-blocking shades, you’ll want summer dresses and your favorite flats!

Who can wear cat eye sunglasses?

This is a trend that looks good on all face shapes.  If you’re unsure if a cat eye look is right for you, we’ve found some great shapes for every face shape! Cat eye sunglasses look good on round, square and triangular bottom-heavy faces. Because the shape of the frame balances these characteristics. But they also come in many variations and styles so that they can wear on many other types of faces. Choose a shade with sharper edges or an oversized frame for an upward curve, or a frame with a thicker frame. These cat-eye sunglasses are for anyone who needs to draw attention to rounded cheeks or a fuller jaw.

Sunglass Trends for Fall and Winter

Some people say that sunglasses are exclusive to summer, but they are wrong! Sunglasses are exclusive to fashionable people!
Look at the stars and fashion bloggers, which one is not covered by sunglasses all year round, and the sunglasses are almost not the same.The sun in winter is still dazzling, ultraviolet rays will still hurt your eyes, and a pair of fashionable sunglasses can break the laziness and silence in winter, so which sunglasses are suitable for winter wear?

1. Reflective sunglasses

Reflective sunglasses are lenses coated with a fragile layer of reflective paint. Which can enhance the sunglass’s ability to resist light from above while allowing more light to enter from below and horizontally. The most significant advantage of reflective sunglasses is that even if you don’t have a tall and slender figure like a supermodel. You can stand out from the crowd with eye-catching accessories! Choosing reflective sunglasses not only successfully attracts the eye. But the Oversize lenses also allow you to get a slight V to face quickly!

2. Round sunglasses

If you love retro style, how can you not have a pair of round sunglasses! No matter how chic the windbreaker is, as long as you wear round sunglasses, you will instantly become a retro girl!And round sunglasses are suitable for most people’s face shapes. You can use round sunglasses to dress cute, retro, or literary, to make you feel more styled.

3. Cat eye sunglasses

Gem Embellishment Cat-Eye Womens Sunglasses
Gem Embellishment Cat-Eye Womens Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are becoming more and more popular because they are suitable for people of all face shapes.Because the corners of the frame are raised upwards, there is also a visual sense of lifting the face up!Especially for girls with round faces, cat-eye sunglasses can perfectly enhance the facial lines, neutralize the cuteness of round faces, and make girls with round faces look sharp and angular.

How to choose the color of sunglasses in summer

In summer, sunglasses are standard for travel. Many people focus on style and color when choosing sunglasses, rather than choosing based on function and needs. As everyone knows, different colors of sunglasses have different functions.So, in the face of colorful sunglasses, how should we choose?
Gray – Gray lenses are the most common. They can absorb most of the color spectrum evenly. There will be no obvious chromatic aberration when viewing the scene. And they will not change the color of the vision, which is suitable for most people.
Brown-Brown lenses can filter a lot of blue light, improve visual contrast and clarity.  It can see details of objects even in harsh light, and wear better in air pollution and foggy conditions.
Green – Green lenses can increase the green light reaching the eyes, making the wearer feel cool and comfortable, suitable for people who are prone to eye fatigue.
Silver – Silver mercury lenses can absorb and reflect more solar radiation, suitable for outdoor activities with better sunlight.
Red and blue – red and blue lenses are not good for eye protection, red is poor in blocking light, and blue lenses promote blue light to stimulate the eyeballs, so it is not recommended for everyone to choose, but they can be used as decoration.
In addition, remind everyone that the size of the sunglasses can at least block the visual imaging area in front of the eyes, and it is not appropriate to choose too small and too large sunglasses. If you choose sunglasses that are too small, bright light can easily irritate your eyes. Choosing oversized sunglasses will put a burden on the bridge of the nose, and people with smaller nasal bones are prone to slipping off.

Several special functions of sunglasses

Sunglasses can be divided into several types according to their functions. Such as polarizers, color-changing mirrors, reflective mirror sunglasses, etc. What is the difference between these types of sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses? What are the special features?

Polarizers reduce glare and are used on horizontal roads, water, ice, and snow. Can be worn while driving, skiing, water skiing, cycling. Patients after cataract surgery and the elderly who are sensitive to light, opting for polarized sunglasses can also improve visual comfort. In addition, driving with polarized glasses will have a wider field of vision. But you may not be able to see digital displays such as LED displays, GPS and mobile phone screens in the car. Color recommendation: yellow, brown, cyan, which can filter blue light.
Polarized sunglasses cannot be used for flying. For some sports, such as golf, polarized sunglasses may cause a loss of some visual information, affecting performance.

chromatic mirror
Color-changing glasses are usually UV-sensitive, and the color of the lenses darkens or lightens as the light intensity changes. For people who wear glasses themselves, color-changing mirrors are more convenient and more comfortable to use indoors and outdoors. But it doesn’t change color instantly when changing environments. The color change reaction happens more slowly when it’s cold. And car windshields can interfere with glasses changing color. Color-changing mirrors cannot completely replace sunglasses. They will not appear dark enough in strong light environments such as beaches and snow, and cannot bring enough visual comfort.

Mirror Sunglasses
The color of the mirror reflective coating is varied, which is determined by the thickness and structure of the coating. And the color of the lens as seen by the wearer is generally brown or gray. The reflective coating can reduce the light passing through the lens by 10% to 60%. So it is very suitable for environments with strong light such as deserts, snow, and high altitudes, and is very popular in extreme sports.


Sunglasses for sports need special designs, they have non-slip nose pads for a more secure fit, and wraparound frames that block the reflections from the sides.
Sunglasses for babies and toddlers are available in brown or grey. Grey lenses provide a more natural visual quality, while brown lenses can help filter short-wavelength blue light that is detrimental to eye health.
The above is a brief introduction of several special function sunglasses, I hope you can choose according to the actual situation.


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