Coorg Camping 

It is also known as Scotland of India. Coorg has an amalgamation of luxury, history, beauty, and adventure. It is now known as Kodagu. This is a very famous hill station in Karnataka. It has exotic scenery and lush greenery. It is well known as a coffee-producing hill station. Coorg is a misty landscape with green hills and streams cutting through them. It has its own unique culture and aboriginal people known as Kodavas. The language is spoken by the people here in Kodagu or Kodava. 

Coffee and spices, the orange plantation is largely practiced here which adds beauty to the landscape. The best time to visit this place is in the month of February to June. 

The hill is covered with sandalwood and teak wood trees. The beauty lies in every part of Coorg as it has scattered villages and hamlets which are a symbol of the old world. 

This place is ideal for river rafting, trekking, climbing, and angling. 

One can also witness the unique and colorful festivals of Coorg like Shankaramana, Keil Poldu, and the Huotari. 

   Although the whole Coorg is surrounded by mesmerizing beauty, there are some specific places which one should visit. 

The Giving Tree At Kasthuri Estate

The place is located in Siddapura. It is a nature trail along with a coffee estate. Kasthuri Estate is definitely a fun way of enjoying a walk with your family surrounded by nature. It is owned by a particular family, Ms. Khushi who takes care of the hospitality of the tourists. Everything here seems to be fresh. It is good to go early in the morning to refresh and throw away all your tiredness. 

It is the best place to visit with kids as they come across many learning things during the trial. The kids take great interest in looking at the process of everything and learning such as coffee growing, feeding the ducks, bee farming, fishing, and elephant keeping. 


Mallalli Falls

It is a waterfall generated by the Kumaradhara  River. The waterfall is 200 ft in height. The best time to visit the waterfalls is in the daytime when sunrise and sunset offer a pleasant view of the majestic panorama. Tourists can take buses and jeeps to trek inside the waterfall region. The Kumaradhara River later merges with Netravati and Uppinangadi. 

We can even enjoy the rides here as it passes through beautiful landscapes in between. It is beautiful both in the monsoon and in summer. In monsoon, the drizzling adds more beauty to the falls. The weather, the clouds, and the scenery seem to be beautiful. Altogether one can enjoy a lap of nature with birds chirping and all that greenery. 

Irpu Falls

This fall has another name that is Lakshmana Tirtha Falls. It is a tributary of the Kaveri river. It is a fresh waterfall and is located in Brahmagiri Range. The journey toward these falls also leads to the Brahmagiri Hills. 

 It is a picnic spot and even a pilgrimage. Two temples are located on the bank of the river- Shiva and Rameshwara Temple. It majorly attracts pilgrims during Shivratri. 

A famous folktale gives the name Lakshmana Tirtha Waterfalls to this waterfall. It is believed that Rama and Lakshmana passed this trail in search of Sita. When thirsty Rama asked to bring water to Lakshmana, he shot an arrow in Brahmagiri Range which created the falls. So people believe that water is pious and has the ability to cleanse soul and sin and thus making it popular among devotees. 

Abbey Falls

The waterfalls is located between the thick stick bushes of coffee plantation and spices estate in Western Ghats of Kodagu in Karnataka. These coffee plantations are of a private owners. When the waterfall was inside the thick jungle it was named Jessi Falls, kept after a British Officer’s wife. The waterfalls the 70m of the height. The sound of water gushing down mixed with the aromatic smell of coffee plantations gives refreshment to both mind and soul. 

It is an exciting place for one-day hiking and trekking in the nature trail to go down the waterfall. You can plan  visits to many other places like Brahmagiri Hills, and Madikeri Fort, while visiting Abbey waterfalls which are near to it. 

Sera Jey Monastic University 

This university is known for its advanced study of Buddhist practices. It is a perfect picture of 15th century AD in Tibet. The people living here are Tibetan migrants. It is very soothing and the best experience to understand their culture and tradition. 


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