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COVID-19 PCR & RT-Antigen tests at Qualitas clinics

Qualitas clinics across Malaysia are now offering COVID-19 testing and sampling to individuals who need them. Our clinics have RTK-Antigen or RT-PCR tests, and also provide RTK-Antigen tests under SOCSO. The RTK-Antigen tests are RM50 per person and the RT-PCR tests are RM170 per person. Check out the lists of clinics below.

Do your part in the fight against COVID-19. It’s important that you do not ignore your symptoms. Even mild symptoms can have serious consequences for the elderly and vulnerable in your family.

The MOH has just announced that starting 1 March 2022, individuals who have received their booster dose of the vaccine and who have had close contact with a COVID-positive person and who are asymptomatic need not quarantine. Symptomatic people must be quarantined for 5 days. Either way, you are still required to take an RTK-Antigen test on Day 1 and Day 3 after you have been identified as a close contact.

Anyone who has been vaccinated but not yet received their booster doses and who has had close contact with a COVID-positive person must be quarantined for 5 days whether you are symptomatic or not. You also must take and RTK-Antigen test on Day 5.

People who are partially vaccinated or unvaccinated and who have had close contact with a COVID-positive person must quarantine for 7 days and get an RTK-Antigen test on Day 7.

Find your nearest clinic below, call them up for an appointment or book online through our Patient Portal app.


As Malaysia transitions from the pandemic phase of COVID-19 to the endemic phase and life slowly goes back to normal, COVID-19 screening and testing are becoming more and more prevalent.

You may require a test if you are travelling or if you are planning certain activities in Malaysia, such as visiting government buildings or meeting with certain GLCs or MNCs. Your company may also require you to take regular tests. These test results must all be conducted or observed by a medical professional and be registered with SIMKA (Sistem Informasi Makmal Kesihatan Awam), the Malaysian government’s public health information database.

But what if you’re in quarantine or otherwise unable to travel to a clinic? You can perform an at-home self-test under the supervision of one of our Qualitas doctors through a teleconsultation. Basically, you can do it online!

All appointments and consultations are through the Qualitas Patient Portal. Download the Patient Portal app from Google Play or the App Store, or register online through this link.


How does it work?

Step 1 – Get a self-test kit

Get a self-test kit that you can use at home. The test kit has to be one that has been approved by the Malaysian Device Authority (MDA). The MDA has a list of all approved brands and kits on their website. This list is updated regularly. You will be able to find most of these kits in your local pharmacy.

Step 2 – Book an appointment

Book an appointment with one of our teleconsultation doctors through the Qualitas Patient Portal. Just sign in, choose ‘Consult your COVID-19 doctor‘, pick a doctor and book an appointment.

You can download the Qualitas Patient Portal app for free on Google Play or the App Store or you can register through our website.

The consultation will be accessible through the app or website. You will also be able to access your patient records and make in-clinic appointments with any Qualitas clinic in Malaysia.

Step 3 – Call the doctor & prepare the test

At the time of your appointment with your doctor, prepare your test kit but do not start testing until your doctor tells you to. Your doctor will first ask you some standard questions and then will guide you through taking the test.

Make sure the read the instructions on the test kit thoroughly before your appointment. Most kits require that you do not eat or smoke about 30 minutes before you administer the test.

Step 4 – Take the test

Administer the test on yourself with the doctor’s guidance. Once the test results are ready – this takes about 10-15 minutes – show the results to the doctor.

Your doctor will then record the results and immediately upload the data into the SIMKA registry. It will be reflected in your MySejahtera app within a short time.

Your doctor will also advise you on what to do if you are positive.

Step 5 – Results & payment

Make payment. The teleconsultation is completely online, which means that you can conveniently make payment online as well. The virtual consultation is RM15 altogether.

A copy of the results will be released to you once payment is completed.

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