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Credentialing in Medical Billing: What Is It?

Credentialing, also known as physician, healthcare, or insurance credentialing, is the procedure of acquiring, validating, and evaluating a medical practitioner’s credentials to make sure he or she will be able to deliver the necessary medical services. Credentials are written proof of a medical practitioner’s licensing, education, training, experience, or other credentials. Top medical billing companies require that the credentialing procedure be followed. Obtaining credentials enables healthcare professionals to sign up with the insurance firms they want to do business with. Credentialing ensures that doctors can give their patients the best treatment possible. Payers also utilize this credentialing data to assess whether doctors are qualified to treat their beneficiaries by their professional backgrounds.

Most health insurance companies, including CMS/Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial plans, mandate this procedure since appropriate credentialing contributes to the medical profession’s high safety standards.

Businesses and service providers need to obtain insurance company credentials.

  • improve confidence in patients
  • establish professionalism in a healthcare setting
  • get reimbursement on time without delays
  • reduce medical errors and provide quality treatments
  • grow the patient base
  • accept new patients with specialized insurance plans

Physicians must use specialized insurance credentialing and enrollment services when beginning or joining a new practice, changing from one physician practice group to another, joining new groups or practices, or enrolling with new payers.

When Hiring a new Medic

When bringing on a new physician, nurse practitioner, or another healthcare worker, practices must also take them through the medical credentialing procedure. In order to handle insurance claims, healthcare institutions must guarantee that their healthcare personnel has the right credentials. Best medical credentialing companies guarantee that nurses and doctors have received the necessary training and certification, as well as the necessary professional experience, to deliver healthcare services to patients.

Once the provider has completed the credentialing process. Patients can use their insurance cards to pay for the medical services they use, and the provider will be paid back by the relevant insurer for the medical services provided. The more payers that healthcare providers are enrolled with and credentialed with, the more patients they can refer. Credentialing is different from provider enrollment, though. Provider enrollment is the process of requesting inclusion in a health insurance network as a provider. Whereas credentialing is the confirmation of a provider in a health plan and the approval to join the network.

Important Steps in the Credentialing Process

Insurance credentialing processes, where the Payer examines the physician’s education, license, experience, certifications, affiliations, malpractice, any adverse clinical events, and training, certify that a physician satisfies the criteria for providing clinical treatment. To get paid for the services provided to their customers who are enrolled in that insurance plan, clinicians or nursing staff must complete this process to be in network with certain insurance companies.

The process involves the following key steps:

Determine Relevant Credentialing Documents

Each insurer has distinct documentation and form requirements. To apply, the provider must include all of the documents requested by the insurers, and missing even a single piece of information might cause approval to be delayed by weeks or months. Name, SSN or Social Security number, demographic information, school information, evidence of licensing, claims history, job history, and other facts are mostly necessary.

Submit application forms

Once the necessary information is obtained. The next step is to prioritize insurers by compiling a list of all insurance carriers with whom the practice intends to file. Recheck and verify any papers obtained, then fill out application forms online or on paper. Any inaccuracies in the given information. Inaccurate phone numbers or erroneous months or dates of employment might cause problems.

Fill out the CAQH profile

Several major health insurance companies require partner hospitals to seek accreditation via the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (while also completing their applications). Providers must fill out the CAQH form either on paper or online. After submitting the original application, re-attest the information if needed.

Regular Follow-ups

Clarify payer queries and follow up on submitted credentialing requests to ensure that the application is granted without undue delays. The physician credentialing procedure is time-consuming and can take anywhere from 90 to 120 days.


Re-credentialing involves assessing and validating professional qualifications regularly in accordance with payer credentialing standards. Application evaluation, credential verification, and Regional Network and Credentialing Committee (RNCC) review may all be part of the process.
Because insurance credentialing is a time-consuming and costly procedure that can absorb a significant portion of any practice’s resources. A viable approach is to outsource this need to competent providers. Each state has its own certification requirements. Understanding and strictly adhering to these criteria might assist decrease your practice’s liability in the event of a malpractice lawsuit. Professional firms may assist practises in all medical disciplines with provider enrollment and credentials support.

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