Custom Candle Boxes Wholesale Packaging

If you’re looking for a unique way to advertise your scented products, consider using custom candle boxes. Made from three different types of cardstock (thick, medium, and thin) and corrugated cardboard, these boxes are a durable, yet lightweight way to highlight your scented products. They’re also thicker than standard postcards and business cards, but aren’t nearly as bulky as the latter.

Printing images and graphics on custom candle boxes

To make your custom candle boxes stand out from the competition, consider printing images and graphics. Printed images help customers visualize the product, which builds a trust factor. Graphics can also contain product descriptions and specifications. Candle box manufacturers offer sales and discounts to attract customers. Printing images and graphics on custom candle boxes can increase brand awareness. And while they may cost a little more, the results are well worth the investment.

When printing images and graphics on custom candle boxes, make sure that they are high quality and relevant to the product. Whether you are packaging an entire collection of candles or only one candle, high-quality graphical content can help your candles look their best. Using the right types of graphics and images will make your boxes more attractive and pleasing to the eye. Here are some examples of the types of images you should use:

Durability of corrugated cardboard

When it comes to the durability of your candle boxes, corrugated cardboard is your best choice. It is both cheap and environmentally friendly. Corrugated boxes have a strong core and a thin, white liner. However, a corrugated box lacks the sturdiness of a metal box, which makes it less sturdy. This also makes it difficult to maintain a clean look. Depending on the material used for your Custom Candle Boxes, you may wish to choose a different material.

Cardboard can be a great material for custom candle packaging because it offers excellent protection for fragile products. Corrugated cardboard is durable enough to protect a candle from heat and moisture. It also fits tightly, preventing it from crushing. Corrugated cardboard is also recyclable, which means you’re doing your part to help the environment! Moreover, it’s a great choice for your company if you plan to produce a large quantity of boxes.

Attractiveness of 24 pt. cardstock

While choosing a material for your candles, you should always go for a high-quality 24 pt. cardstock, which will add to their durability and aesthetic appeal. This material is also strong and durable, and will not rip, tear, or discolor even after many uses. Besides being a sturdy material, it also looks great on custom candle boxes. Moreover, it can be die-cut for a more customized look.

Regardless of your budget, choose a high-quality cardstock to enhance the beauty and appeal of your custom candle boxes. 24 pt. cardstock is the most attractive choice for custom candle boxes since it has a high gloss finish. You can also opt for a lustrous metallic finish if you want to make your candles look more expensive. And if you want the boxes to look simple, choose No Printing.

Printing on multi-layer corrugated cardboard

When it comes to printing your candle boxes, you can choose between single-layer cardstock or multi-layer corrugated cardboard. Cardstock is a more lightweight material and offers brighter colors than corrugated cardboard, but it won’t withstand the weight of the candle. On the other hand, corrugated cardboard doubles as a shipping box, so it’s a more durable option for larger items.

The material you choose will depend on the size and weight of your custom candle boxes. Cardstock is a cheaper option, but corrugated cardboard offers more durability and color. Besides, cardstock also looks more upscale. If you’re selling a more expensive product, then you’ll want to choose corrugated cardboard. You can also choose a material that is more expensive, but that’s not necessarily better for your candle boxes.

Materials used for custom candle boxes

Among the many options for affordable custom packaging, candle gift boxes are an excellent choice. Custom boxes are available in a variety of materials, including corrugated cardboard and three-ply cardstock. They are lightweight but thicker than postcards or business cards. They are also a great choice for showcasing scented products. Here are the materials to consider for your custom packaging:

Cardboard: For sensitive products, cardboard is the best choice. Cardboard is recyclable and strong enough to protect the candle waxes inside. This material is also less expensive than cardstock and is easy to print and customize. Cardboard is also a durable option and is usually the preferred choice for custom packaging. You can also print your logo or a design of your choice on the cardboard boxes. However, cardboard is not as strong as corrugated boxes.

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