Cyber Security – Need of this Digital World

The Internet has revolutionized the world. Since its invention, it has grown exponentially. Each and every household has access to the internet. The Internet has become a necessity. Everything has gone digital. Even in India, all the businesses are now possible because of the internet. People order groceries, clothes, food and every other service online. With digitization, a threat to cybersecurity has also occurred. For digital security, Driveit technologies is the cyber security services provider in India. 

Cyber security – a need of this digital world

Every company is working on the digital space. Because of the intervention of covid, all the offices have gone totally digital. There is a lot of sensitive information about the company in the cloud. It could be easily penetrated by a highly skilled hacker. A person with a destructive mind, if they have access to this information can misuse it. It could be fatal for the company and its employees. 

However, In this digital world, as the internet has become a need, cyber security has become a necessity.  Every company is in a dire need of having cyber security. The company needs to have a system for protecting its companies information and its employees data. The data needs to be secured and for securing the data, Driveit is here as the cyber security services provider in India. 

Increase in Cyber Crime

Theft of information is the most expensive and fastest growing segment of cyber crime. It’s not the only target. Cyber attacks may aim to destroy or change the data. Cyber attackers attack differently each time. They have numerous methods for penetrating the security system of the company. According to the cybercrime study of accenture, data breaches have increased from 11 percent to 145 percent. 

Human mistakes were the reason for 90% of information breaks in 2019. This disturbing measurement, notwithstanding, has a silver lining. Assuming staff are shown how to distinguish and accurately answer digital dangers, most information break occurrences could be kept away from. Such instructive projects could likewise expand the worth of all network protection arrangement ventures since it would keep staff from unwittingly bypassing costly security controls to work with cybercrime.

Data breaches involve financial risk. Credit card numbers, banking information and many other sensitive information could lead to a fatal financial risk. Protection from cyber crime and cyber attacks is a must. Every little information about a company, its employees and its clients is very important. Securing every little information is vital. In order to protect personal and company data, people need to invest more in cyber security. 

Why DriveIt?

There is a lot of risk in putting information in the cloud. If a highly skilled attacker wants to attack then the network could be penetrated easily. To have protection from cyber attacks, companies and organizations need to secure their network. For securing the information, Driveit is the cyber security services provider in India. They provide protection from the cyber attackers with their strong system for growing your business without any obstacles, cyber security is a must. When you opt for securing your network then it helps your business in many ways. The business starts running smoothly, you become worry free about the data breachment. It is a win-win situation for the organization. The data of the company, employees and its client is secured. If your network is secured than there is no tension of cyber attacks.

Technology plays an important role in providing security. Attackers always find different ways to penetrate the network. In order to secure our network, we need to be one step ahead from the attackers. Driveit secures your network as it has the best technology available. With the latest technology, we are best for securing your data. The on time delivery of services is also a plus point. Who doesn’t love timely work? We deliver all the services on time. You just relax and sit back, your data security is our duty. 

Relax!, Your Data is secured

Those people and companies really need to worry about them who do not have their data secured yet.  Attackers an robbed and misused sensitive Information’s. If a company has opted for Driveit, the cyber security services provider in India, then that company can just sit back and relax. We provide the best cyber security services and you can count on that.

We take cyber security issues really seriously as it is a real concern for all the companies. Securing the web is our responsibility, our duty and our utmost priority. Information about small things could also result in a serious issue.  We keep our eyes on every little movement happening in the network. If a movement is suspicious then we act immediately and resolve the issue. So, the companies using the services of Driveit need not to worry. They can just rely on us.   

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