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Discover the Best Ways to Free Up Storage on Your iPhone

If you're running out of space on your iPhone, there are several ways to free up storage. You can delete unused apps, offload unused files, optimize your photos and videos, and more. This can help you keep your device running smoothly and avoid annoying storage notifications

Files such as videos, photos, and music playlists can clutter your iPhone storage. This can lead to a message that says your iPhone storage is almost full.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to free up space on your iPhone. We’ve covered everything, from deleting old text conversations to optimizing photo storage.

Delete Old Text Conversations From iPhone

Old text messages, especially those with images, attachments, and videos, take up a lot of space on an iPhone. That’s why freeing up space on your phone is important by deleting old texts and photos.

Deleting iMessage and SMS text messages on your iPhone is an easy way to free up Storage. However, deleting every text message on your phone is not a good idea. Especially if you still need to back them up with iCloud or iTunes. If you’re a heavy SMS and text message user. Then it’s highly likely that you have a lot of messages on your phone.

These messages will clutter your Messages app and consume a lot of storage. Wmaking it difficult to find the threads that interest you. Thankfully, iOS has a feature allowing you to delete older text messages after a certain period automatically. This is handy if you don’t want to keep your messages on your device forever but still want them saved if they contain information you need to reference later.

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How to Delete Text Messages

To delete old text messages on your iPhone, open the Messages app and swipe right to left on a conversation you wish to remove. Then, tap Delete from the pop-up menu to confirm the action.

Another way to remove text messages from your iPhone is to long-press on the thread and tap “More.” This will display all the messages in that conversation and allow you to select which ones to delete.

You can also long-press on a message and tap the trash can icon to remove it permanently. That’s the fastest and easiest way to delete a single text message on your iPhone, but it could be more effective for large conversations or entire contacts.

In addition to removing old texts from your Messages app, you can also remove them from your phone’s backups. Backing up your iPhone is a great way to ensure you keep all important data if your phone breaks down or becomes stolen. Deleting old texts on your iPhone won’t save you a lot of space, but it will help to keep the Messages app more organized. You can also free up space by deleting apps you no longer use. This will make room for new ones.

Optimize Photo Storage on iPhone

If your iPhone storage is getting low, it may be time to optimize your photo storage. This can free up much space on your device without purchasing more iCloud Storage.

When you turn on Optimize iPhone Storage, iCloud Photos will automatically store your photos and videos in a way that helps you save space. This means smaller photos and videos are stored on your device, while the full-resolution version is stored in iCloud.

To optimize your photo storage, go to Settings, tap iCloud and toggle on Optimize iPhone Storage. It’s a simple way to help iCloud Photo Library manage your photos and video library size.

It’s a great option for people who don’t like to delete their photos or videos but still want to keep them on their phones. By storing the lower-resolution versions on your device, iCloud will automatically download the higher-resolution version when needed, allowing you to save more space and get more done.

You can back up all your photos and videos using the iCloud Photo Library feature to avoid losing them if your device gets lost or stolen. iCloud Photo Library stores all your photos and videos, allowing you to access them easily from any device linked to your account.

Delete Unused Apps

Another good way to free up space on your iPhone is to offload unused apps that you don’t use often. By removing these apps, you can clear up space on your device and leave room for the other apps you use regularly.

Alternatively, you can back up your photos and videos to a third-party cloud service. Removing them from the device and making backing up easier can save even more space on your iPhone.

It’s important to note that deleting photos from your iPhone will also erase them from your iCloud Photo Library, so you should only use this feature if you need the photos or videos stored on your device.
Remove Downloads from Streaming Apps

If you have an iPhone, you’ve likely noticed that your Storage is starting to fill up with apps and media. You can usually tell if your iPhone’s Storage is full by seeing an alert pop-up that says “iPhone storage full.”

The list of apps showed when the app was last used, and you can delete an unused one to free up space instantly. Just tap its name, and a red Delete button will appear.

Once deleted, the app will be removed from your phone, and any data and files it contains will be deleted. This may be a good way to clean up your Storage quickly without risking any data loss.

Delete OTT Data

Streaming apps like Netflix let you download movies and TV episodes to watch offline when you don’t have Wi-Fi. However, these videos can take up a lot of space on your device, so they’re best deleted when you’ve finished watching them.

If you want to remove the downloaded video from your iPhone, use either the app or the settings menu. Most streaming apps show a list of all the downloads made, and you can swipe left to select each one you want to delete.

Or, you can use the Settings menu to manage downloads for the entire app. In Settings, General > iPhone/iPad Storage, you can tap an app’s icon to see a list of all its downloads.

The app will then show a recommendation to delete the videos. Swipe left to select the videos you want to remove or edit the list by tapping on the Edit button in the top-right corner of the screen, swiping to the right, and tapping the red minus buttons next to each video you wish to remove. You can then choose to remove the videos individually or in bulk, which will automatically delete them from your device.

Clear Cache

When you visit websites and use apps, they store certain data on your device to make their services work faster. These caches can take up a lot of space on your iPhone. So it’s essential to clear them out periodically to free up Storage and boost overall performance.

To do this, you can access the Settings app and tap General. And then iPhone Storage to see a list of your apps and how much space they take up on your device. Then, you can go through each one and try to delete the ones you don’t need or last used long ago.

Some of the most common apps that can consume a lot of space on your iPhone include music players. Streaming services and apps for managing your contacts and calendars. These can take up a significant amount of space on your device, so cleaning them out as soon as possible is important.

Another way to free up Storage on your iPhone is to remove junk files saved in Other Storage, including photos and videos you haven’t downloaded or deleted from your device. The best way to check this is to access the iPhone Storage list by heading to Settings, tapping General and then iPhone Storage.

You can also offload apps to free up space on your phone, freeing up the space they use while allowing you to access their documents and data. However, removing this information within apps is challenging, so some people will degrade and reinstall them to recover their data.

Final Take Away

In conclusion, running out of storage on your iPhone can be frustrating. But there are many ways to solve this problem. There are many options available to help you maximize your iPhone’s capabilities. By taking advantage of these tips and tricks, you can always have enough space on your device. If you want to sell iPhone online- then cash2phone is the best platform for getting the best price.

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