Dudhsagar Waterfall and Spice Plantation Trip From Goa

It is located in the Bhagwan Mahavir Wilderness Sanctuary. Dudhsagar Falls flows down from South Goa's Western Ghats.

The four-stage stadium, which is at an elevation of approximately 1,600 feet [310m] and has a width of 100 feet [30m], is one of the highest waterfalls in India. Dudhsagar Waterfall, which means “Lake of Milk”, is a Goa landmark that gets its name especially during monsoon season.


Here are some fun stories about Dudhsagar Falls


The Goans believed that there was once a princess who would come to the lake and take a refreshing dip. He would bathe in the lake with his girlfriends every day, and once while drinking milk from his golden jar, he giggled and laughed. The prince, who was passing by, stopped to see the laughing man after hearing this. The maidens noticed this and made a curtain for the princess by pouring milk into a jar in front. Dudhsagar Falls is the name of this milk curtain.


Dudhsagar Falls Trek


The Dudhsagar Waterfall, with its beautiful surroundings, is a popular day trip destination for both birdwatchers and travelers. Along with the southeastern border, the nature reserve is not only a tourist spot in Goa, but also important for regional ecology and economics. The Dudhsagar Waterfall area is a haven for biodiversity and home to around 200 species of birds, including the Indian Black Woodpecker and Paradise Fly Catcher.


Dudhsagar Falls is well-known for its four-story waterfall, which creates a stunning landscape that attracts tourists. This incredible waterfall is located near Kulem in the Mandovi River. Nature lovers will love the thrill of being in close contact with nature thanks to the forested area surrounding Dudhsagar Falls. Although they are most popular in the monsoon, these waterfalls are also very popular throughout the year.


Begin your day by meeting you at the bus station at 6:00 am to take you to a nearby landmark. You can take a 12-KM jeep ride through Mollem National Park to Dudhsagar Falls.


  • To ensure your safety, take a luxurious dip in the waterfalls and enjoy the company of your friends.


  • Continue your guided spice tour. You can continue on your day or you can choose to ride an elephant for an extra fee.


  • Get the authentic taste of Goan cuisine and enjoy a vegetarian or non-veget lunch at Dudhsagar Falls. Also, take a tour to a Spice plantation.


  • Enjoy an Old Goa Tour to end your day and visit the many churches and other world heritage sites of UNESCO.




  • Enjoy a deep breath at Dudhsagar Falls, located on the Mandovi River at a height of over 1000 feet. Relax and enjoy the white foam of India’s 5th largest waterfall spraying from four stages.


  • Enjoy the Goa Safari Adventure through the rocky streams, roads and forests that lead to the Mollem National Park Forest at the bottom. It will be a memorable day in Goa.




  • First place – Download between 5:30 AM and 7:30 AM in the Calangute, Baga or Arpora areas. The time and exact location will be sent 24 hours prior to the tour. (Visitors may have to walk close to the highway in order to be picked up.


  • After the pick-up, delegates will be heading for Mollem at 9 AM. This small village is located in Goa at Mount Sahyadri’s foot. This is the entry point to the Bhagwan Mahaveer National Park and Mollem Wildlife Sanctuary. To reach the bottom, the journey will begin with an open jeep that passes through Mollem National Park. If visitors wish to immerse themselves in the natural pool below the waterfall, they will be given lifejackets.


  • After a spice tour in the Keri region of Goa, you will return to Mollem via jeep at 11:00 am. The guide will take you to a spice farm, where you’ll be served a Goan-style buffet lunch. The beautiful ivory water shower allows visitors to meet up and take a photo. This will cost an extra fee that will be charged immediately.


  • Send lunch at around 2:30 pm, then visit Old Goa and then visit Se ‘Cathedral& Basilica de Bom Jesus at 3:00 PM. It dates back to 400 years and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


  • Last point: Return to the beginning point between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM depending on where you are released.


About Spice Plantation Tour Goa

A spice tour in Ponda in South Goa will give you a unique cultural experience. This is a brief tour that takes you along all the spices and explains their history and uses.


The planting is done over large areas of green, which creates a great environment for immersion in pure, unadulterated nature. You can start your journey with a driver and an air-conditioned vehicle.


Spice Plantation Goa Overview


  • Travel location: Ponda, South Goa


  • Visitor Time: 10:00 AM to 3:00PM


  • Where to Get Fare: Available in Panjim City, Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Candolim, Sinquerim, Anjuna, Saligao, Porvorim




  • Transport by shared car


  • Jeep safari to Dudhsagar Falls


  • Guided tour of Spice Plantation according to the itinerary.


  • Buffet Lunch (vegetarian or non-vegetarian).


Spend the day in the beautiful forests and waterfalls with your loved ones, and enjoy a relaxing vacation.

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