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Effective Solutions to Batch Migrate Gmail Emails to Outlook

Boastcity | Throughout this blog, we will discuss all the possible solutions which help you to migrate Gmail Emails to Outlook PST format. Here, in this post, you get manual methods and automated solutions that help you to do multiple or single migration processes in just a single click. How? Let us learn in the below sections one by one. Before, moving towards the solution first we take a little intro to what is Gmail.

Gmail is one of the best free email clients in the market, which provides you with large storage space and applications for its users. But, being a web-based email client makes it prone to hackers. Also, this is the most common cause that most Gmail users wish to migrate their Gmail account data to a desktop-based email client. And, when we talk about desktop-based email clients, the best one is MS Outlook.

Now, after this, we are going to move toward the methods which help you to get resultant results without facing any trouble. Let us begin with the manual method first!

How to Transfer Gmail Emails to Outlook Using Manual Method?

This method can be done easily using the POP3 protocol. It would import all the existing messages in Gmail to Outlook or would import the messages after the POP has been enabled. And, If you add a Gmail accoutn to Outlook, Gmail messages can be deleted manually, or they can remain in the Gmail mailbox itself. Usually, the Gmail message is deleted after the importing process, as there will be two copies of the same email message that would unnecessarily fill up the Google storage space if not deleted. Now, in the below steps transfer Gmail folders to an Outlook account.

Overall, if you want to perform the manual method then you need to follow the two process which helps to finish the task manually:-

Step 1: Setting For Gmail Account

  • Open your Gmail account and click on the Gear icon and choose settings.
  • Now, go to Forwarding and POP/IMPA tab
  • Click on Enable POP for mails that arrives from now on
  • After that, choose to keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox and Save Settings.

Step 2: Configuring Gmail in Outlook 2021, 2019

  • Open MS Outlook on your machine & go to the File tab & choose Add Settings option.
  • In Account Settings, go to the Email tab and click on New
  • Now from Add Account Setup, choose Manual Setup option >> Next
  • From the next window, choose the POP/IMAP option.
  • Enter the details of your Gmail account and click on Advanced Settings.
  • Enter the following details:
  1. Gmail POP server address: pop.gmail.com
  2. Gmail POP username: Gmail address (e.g. example@gmail.com)
  3. Gmail POP password: Gmail password
  4. Gmail POP port: 995
  5. Gmail POP SSL required: Yes
  • After finishing with these settings, now click on the Next button to let Outlook run some tests and download Gmail emails in bulk in Outlook.

After performing the manual method, we all understand how this method works. Because it consumes a lot of user time & effort to complete this task manually. And, this method also required technical knowledge to perform this task manually which is not good for non-technical users. Now, after knowing about this method and not getting any reliable solution. So, you don’t need to worry about it! We suggest an alternative solution that is easy & simple for migrating Gmail emails into Outlook PST format.

Alternative Solution to Migrate Gmail Emails to Outlook

As we all know, manually it cannot possible to do multiple migration processes. Also, it takes much time to complete the task and required technical skills for doing so. And, multiple challenges for the new beginners which are not good for them. Don’t worry! you can try this Archive Gmail Data Software which is suitable for both technical and non-technical users. It also gives a resultant result to do batch migration of Gmail emails to PST format in an easy & simple manner.

Moreover, this automated solution can give you a 100% guarantee to save your data with them for a long time. And, there are no restrictions to finish the task on time and users can easily do multiple migrations of Gmail emails into Outlook PST format without facing any trouble.

“Overall, this is my personal guideline to you that don’t waste your time for searching an un-useful solution. Use this above professional software which has no file size limitations and you can easily do batch conversion process using this tool.”

Now, let us know the software working process as well. Follow the below steps for the same!

Step-by-Step Guidelines to Transfer Gmail Emails into PST

These automated steps give you 100% resultant results in just a single click. Go carefully for using this utility:-

  1. Start the above-mentioned software. And, enter Google mail account credentials and press login.
  2. You can see Gmail mailbox folders in the software GUI
  3. Select the required folders as per your need and choice
  4. This tool provides several advanced filters to archive Gmail data to an external hard drive between dated, email address, and subject
  5. The software provides 30+ saving options, choose any
  6. The utility automatically selects Desktop as the destination path. You can also connect the external hard drive to store output data
  7. Now, click on the backup button for archiving Gmail to a hard disk. Please wait for the completion of the task
  8. At least, after successfully downloading Gmail emails to an external hard drive, the software will automatically open the destination path. Now, get archived data.

So, finally, we successfully completed our both methods in an easy & simple way. Hope you can choose the best solution to migrate Gmail emails to Outlook in a hassle-free manner.

Let’s Conclude!

There are many users who are suffering from these types of issues. And, feel helpless to get a suitable solution to migrate Gmail emails to Outlook. So, the above article helps you a lot here, you get two methods which are a manual method and automated software. The manual method has some restrictions to doing multiple migration processes. Because this method can only do one by one process to complete the task on time. On the other hand, the professional solution gives you 100% safe & security to do multiple migration processes of Gmail emails in Outlook format in a few clicks. And, non-technical users can also use this tool without facing any trouble. Choose the best method to complete your task on time!

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