Explore the Beautiful City of Phillipsburg

 Phillipsburg, the capital of Sint Maarten, is the intellectual square of the city. The gorgeous city is gaining popularity as a tourist destination, hence is still unexplored in its depth. The hidden gems of the city, even literal gems, are waiting for you to discover them.

You can visit Dawn Beach to enjoy a beach holiday on a sunny day with your family, a stroll at the Boardwalk will take you down to the narrow lanes of history and culture, and Front Street will make you taste every delicious dish it has.

Must-Visit Destinations in Phillipsburg

  • Granite Ghost Town 

Do you like exploring haunted places and enjoying the thrill and adventure? We plan to visit the famous haunted places with our friends and haunt the ghost with our presence. Granite Ghost Town is the worth-a-stop destination on your trip to Phillipsburg with Spirit airlines booking.

The town was a mining camp known as Montana’s Silver Queen, established in the 1870s, deserted after the eventual bust. Today this deserted mining camp preserves over 1800s remnants, such as the crumbling miner’s Union Hall, that are beyond repair and is known as Granite Ghost Town.

We recommend taking self-guided tours to learn the rich history of the park. A short drive from Phillipsburg will take you to this historical landmark through a steep drive. Travelers seeking a little outdoor experience can hike the slight elevation and explore the beauty of deserted land accompanied by panoramic views.

  • Go Skiing on the Ice

We know snow makes you glow brighter than the pearls! Travelers who want to run their feet subside into the snow or play with their loved ones throwing ice balls at each other should visit Ski Disco in winter.

The Ski Disco, also known as Discovery Ski Area, is an open terrain with over 2,000 skiable acres that attracts thousands of tourists from every corner every winter. Discovery is among Montana’s best ski resorts, with over 60 trails, from beginner-friendly to challenging.

It features Discovery Day Lodge and Discovery Cafe to make your experience more comfortable and adjoins the Nordic trail system circling Echo Lake. Visitors can also witness the mesmerizing beauty of this gem of a destination with a spirit club saver in summer through mountain bike trails. You can paddle your way to the top of the Discovery Bike Park, enjoying the adventure with a day pass.

  • Fairmont Hot Springs

You can enjoy a scenic drive on the Pintler Scenic Byway from Phillipsburg. At the end of the route close to Anaconda, you will find the Fairmont Hot Springs to soak your tired soul in its refreshing water.

No, you will not find any Anaconda (Snakes) on your road trip, so relax! Ananconda is the name of the mining company that built Montana. Fairmont Hot Springs is an Olympic-sized hot pool with a gigantic waterslide to make your break more thrilling.

It has an indoor and outdoor pool heated by a natural heat source. The water inside the puddle has various sections signifying different temperatures. The resort also offers accommodation services with world-class restaurants and bars to treat your taste buds.

  • Missoula

Missoula is a bustling downtown district worth exploring as a destination on your trip to Phillipsburg with spirit my trips. This spectacular district turns livelier in summer with First Friday celebrations, farmer’s markets, and live music.

Missoula is one of Montana’s best cities, showcasing its rich history, culture, and events. You can enjoy the best view of the Missoula Valley from the Clark Fork Riverfront Trail. It is a perfect escape for adventure seekers.

The mesmerizing valley offers a variety of attractions and activities, such as hiking, backpacking, fishing, and mountain biking. You can explore two treasures, Lolo National Forest and Rattlesnake National Recreation Area, which form the heart and soul of the valley.

  • Opera House Theatre

Opera House Theatre is the oldest theatre in Montana, also known as the Phillipsburg Theatre, located one block south of Broadway Street. Initially, t was known as McDonald Opera House, established in 1891, and has a fair share of events. The opera house is a historical landmark showcasing glimpses of the restoration and revitalization period.

It is a sheer fusion of modern technology and equipment in living history. Visitors can watch classic films, movies, live performances, and film festivals year-round in this old charm. Fly to the past with spirit my flight and explore this historical house to dive deeper into the history.

Things You Can Do In Phillipsburg

You can try your hand at various activities on your trip to Phillipsburg and make your journey more remarkable and adventuresome.

  • Uncover Buried Treasures at Sapphire Mines

The main street of Phillipsburg is home to three sapphire galleries. It is not a gem of a destination; instead, this destination is full of sapphire gems. Visitors can become a miner and experience what it feels like to mine. This unique adventure is worth endeavoring once in a lifetime.

You can explore the Sapphire Gallery, indoor mining setup, and Montana Gems of Phillipsburg for an outdoor mining adventure. The third location is Gem Mountain, which is a downtown gallery and is operational in summer only. Visitors make their own rainbow collecting the colorful sapphire gemstones.

  • Stroll The Sweet Palace

You have heard of Disneyland, Adventure land, and Wonderland, but have you ever heard of Candy land? Spirit Airlines Reservations takes you to the Sweet Palace, also known as the candy emporium, to give a sweet treat to your taste buds.

The place does not follow any age bar; the moment you set in here, your young heart catches a sugar rush. It is a historical landmark that follows old-fashioned architecture. Visitors flock here from every corner of the world to taste the delicious candies.

  • Taking a Leisurely Walk on The Broadway Street

Do you want to own a sapphire without mining it? Broadway Street is a good-to-go location to buy ready-made sapphire jewelry. You will find a beautiful collection of sapphire and gemstone jewelry to adorn you on this walkable street. Visitors seeking to buy local items and souvenirs can stroll the splendid lanes of Broadway Street decorated with local vendors and shops.

Explore Yourself!

The multicolored gemstones city of Phillipsburg is an abode of beauty and wonders. Plan your trip to the magnificent at with Spirit Airlines and book cheap flights to Phillipsburg. It will give you a much-needed break from daily grinds and make your life as colorful as Sapphires you collect at the Sapphire mine.

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