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Fake watches: 2023 Cartier’s first wave of “new watches” is here

Just entering 2023, Cartier fake watches has completed a low-key update. Without too much publicity, Cartier launched a new generation of Tank Française, replacing the old one. The new generation of Tank Française has been updated from small and medium-sized women’s watches to large-sized men’s watches. Let’s take a look today.

Everyone knows Cartier Tank, but what happened to Tank Française?fake watches cheap

Tank is the second longest series in Cartier’s history, launched in 1917 (the first is Santos in 1904). In the long historical evolution, Cartier Tank has developed many branches and is named after the country. Players can remember that among the Cartier Tank series on sale, the most standard and most original Tank is Tank Louis Cartier, commonly known as Tank LC, which came out in 1922 and continues to this day. Tank LC is the most standard, but Tank LC is all made of 18K gold or platinum shell, which is expensive and is a typical formal style. Therefore, branches and variants of Cartier Tank appeared in this way. For example, the elongated TANK AMERICAINE; the Tank Chinoise with crossed case lugs; the TANK ANGLAISE with the crown integrated into the case; the main cost-effective Tank MUST, etc., and this Tank Française.

Tank Française, launched in 1996. Appearance features, the High replica watch head and bracelet are integrated, emphasizing the metal bracelet. This also adds to the casual, sporty feel of the Tank Française.

Cartier’s new generation of Tank Française, what changes?

Cartier’s new generation of Tank Française continues the appearance of the previous generation, and it looks very similar to the new and old models. But the focus is on the details, and the details of the new generation Tank Française have changed a lot.High replica watch

Case: The new generation of Tank Française, compared with the previous generation, the case is further widened and enlarged. The connection between the case and the bracelet strengthens the integrated transition. The new Tank Française has reduced the polished surface of the whole watch, and the whole watch has a large area of brushing, and only one piece in the middle of the H-shaped bracelet retains the polishing.

Crown: The new generation of Tank Française has dug a groove for the crown on the case so that the crown can be half buried in the case to form a small crown shoulder guard. The crown of the previous generation Tank Française is a conventional crown, which is completely outside the case.

Dial: A new generation of Tank Française, the hour markers on the dial of the watch are three-dimensional hour markers that protrude slightly from the dial. The time scale of the previous generation is the conventional printed time scale, which is printed on the dial.

These appearance changes make the new generation of Tank Française appear more modern and sporty while emphasizing the integrated shape of the watch head and bracelet.

Cartier’s new generation Tank Française comes in 3 sizes. The small and medium sizes are women’s watches, and the large size is men’s watches.

Small size: 25.7mm X 21.7mm, basically equivalent to a 28mm round watch, with a quartz movement.

Medium size: 32mm X 27mm, basically equivalent to a 33mm round watch, with a quartz movement.

Large size: 36.7mm X 30.5mm, basically equivalent to a 37mm round watch, mechanical movement.fake watches cheap

We mainly look at men’s fake watches cheap here. Among the Cartier sizes, large and extra-large, are men’s fake watches. The large size generally corresponds to 36 and 37 mm; the extra size corresponds to more than 40 mm. The men’s model of the new generation Tank Française only has a steel case version, and only the men’s model has a mechanical movement. Tank Française men’s model, big three needles, with calendar (Cartier’s quartz watches are all two needle watches).

The pointers are all blued, and there is a square scale inner ring in the center of the disk. On the octagonal crown, there is Cartier’s iconic blue spinel. The recognition is very high. The thickness of the men’s model is 10.1 mm, which is also relatively thin, and it is suitable for formal wear and casual wear.

A new generation of Tank Française men’s watch, using Cartier 1853 automatic movement. This movement is a universal movement. Ordinarily, now Cartier has fully popularized two self-produced movements of 1904MC and 1847MC in various series. Why is Tank Française’s men’s watch not used? The main reason is that the Tank Française watch head and bracelet are integrated, and the case is long and wide,

but in fact the size of the dial is not large, so it is only suitable for smaller movements. It can be seen from the dial of the watch that the calendar window falls exactly at 3 o’clock on the dial,

and the position between the hour markers and the inner ring is coordinated in proportion.

The second easiest Cartier tank to get.fake watches cheap

As we said earlier, the most standard and most orthodox Tank is Tank LC, which is expensive. But not all Tanks are so expensive. Among the Cartier Tank (male models), the cheapest public price is Tank MUST;

the second cheapest public price is Tank Française.

Tank MUST is a steel watch based on the appearance of Tank LC, with a mechanical movement for men,

with a belt price (RMB) of 32,500 and a steel chain of 35,900. Tank Française men’s model, with a public price of 42,000, ranked second. If the pursuit of cost-effective and standard Tank appearance, Tank MUST is the first choice. If you want a more complex exterior design and a stronger sense of movement,

then Tank Française is a good choice.

The good thing about Cartier fake is that if Cartier just takes out a watch, it has a history of decades or even a hundred years. But Cartier did not make these fake watches “unattainable”, making them out of reach of the majority of players. On the contrary, there is no high threshold, so that more players can have access to these classics in the world of famous watches.

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