Fake watches 2023 Geneva Watch Fair, in addition to Rolex and Patek Philippe, you can also choose these new watches

After experiencing the first day of the 2023 Geneva “Watches and Wonders” watch exhibition, after the release of new fake watches like “storms” by Rolex and Patek Philippe, today we will summarize what new watches are still at the watch exhibition. I will focus on the new watches that most players can get, regardless of the brand.

IWC New Generation EngineerLuxury Fake Watches

This year, IWC once again modified the Engineer and launched a new generation of Engineer. The new generation of Engineer restores the Engineer style designed by Gerald Genta in the 1970s. Back then, Gerald Genta, after designing the Royal Oak and Nautilus, designed Engineer for IWC. The feature is the 5 screw holes on the bezel.

The IWC Engineer series, after several turnovers over the years, finally returned to the most classic appearance, featuring the luxury sports watch style with the watch head and watch chain integrated, which is also the most popular at the moment. The new Engineer, 40 mm, is also relatively thin, and the dial inherits the “checkered” decoration on the antique Engineer. The IWC 32000 series automatic movement provides power for 5 days or 120 hours, and the bottom cover of the watch has an antimagnetic inner case. The new Engineer has a steel shell and a titanium shell.


Is a famous watch a fashion item? It must be. Let’s take a look at this year’s Patek Philippe 6007G and Rolex Oyster Perpetual Tiffany with blue dots. They are all colorful and full of fashion sense. And the ceiling of the fashion trend of famous Replica Watches Store is none other than Chanel, the fashion tycoon. This year, Chanel raised the design of J12 to a new level. The new J12 CYBERNETIC is not only black and white, but also has an “asymmetrical” case. The black half is the normal case; the white mosaic half is the square stepped case.

From the actual table, the white square step part of the case is a separate ceramic part, which is spliced together with the black case part to form a complete watch case. This is unprecedented in the watch world. Now, J12 has popularized the self-produced 12.1 automatic movement, which is the “brother” model of Tudor MT56 series and Breitling B20 series movements. The 38mm size of the new-generation J12 is well-crafted and has a 70-hour power reserve. All men and women can pay attention to this “special” J12.

Tudor New Generation Black BayLuxury Fake Watches

This year, Tudor has carried out a major movement upgrade to Black Bay, directly bringing Tudor’s movement technology to the level of Omega. The familiar “red circle” Black Bay has been replaced with a new MT5602-U automatic movement. The biggest feature is that the MT5602-U movement has the “Master Chronometer” certification. That’s right, it is Omega’s 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic certification, and now Tudor will start to popularize 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic. Previously, Tudor only “experimented” 15,000 Gauss antimagnetic on the Black Bay ceramic model in a small range, and now it is starting to promote it step by step. Whenever the Tudor dial has the same Master Chronometer printing as Omega, it is 15,000 antimagnetic. To be honest, Rolex’s trick is ruthless enough to allow Tudor to have the same technology as Omega, and let Tudor and Omega draw an “equal sign”. This is simply a blatant provocation to Omega.

Zenith new PilotReplica Watches Store

This year, Zenith launched a new pilot series. Different from Zenith’s 45mm “Bronze Big Pilot” that we were familiar with in the past, the new pilot is the “Small Pilot” with a main size of 40mm, and its positioning is similar to the Mark of IWC. Zenith’s new pilot uses large sword-shaped hands and large digital time scales, and the dial still has the iconic PILOT of Zenith’s flight watch. Compared with the “Bronze Big Pilot”, the new pilot adopts a sports and leisure style, which is not as exaggerated as the “Bronze Big Pilot”, but more restrained and suitable for daily life. The movement of the big three-hand version is El Primero without the timing parts, and has a power reserve of 60 hours. This watch has a steel case and a ceramic case.

TAG Heuer New Carrera

This year, TAG Heuer launched a new Carrera chronograph. The new Carrera, with the style of antique TAG Heuer in the 1960s. The biggest appearance feature is the use of the mirror and disk design known as “glassbox” in history. The watch uses a raised mirror similar to a bubble mirror. The speed measuring ring on the outer ring of the watch dial is raised upwards and close to the mirror to form a unique appearance.

The new Carrera includes two models, one with a calendar at 6 o’clock and the other at 12 o’clock, which is in line with the antique TAG Heuer. In addition to the appearance, the movement has also been upgraded. The new Carrera uses TAG Heuer’s self-produced TH20-00 automatic chronograph movement. This movement is an upgraded version of the 02 movement, which changes the one-way winding to the two-way winding. The size of the new watch is 39 mm, and the power is still 80 hours.

Grand Seiko’s New Tentagraph Chronograph

The Tentagraph launched this year is Grand Seiko’s first “mechanical chronograph”. In the past, Grand Seiko had chronographs, but they were all spring drive movements, with more or less electronic components inside. This year’s Tentagraph chronograph is a purely mechanical chronograph movement. Tentagraph uses Grand Seiko’s new 9SC5 automatic chronograph movement. This movement is developed by Grand Seiko on the basis of the new generation of automatic three-hand movement 9SA5. Adding a timing module to 9SA5 is 9SC5. The timing module is on the dial side and cannot be seen. The timing module includes a column wheel and a vertical clutch, and the configuration is sufficient. Like 9SA5, 9SC5 uses Grand Seiko’s “double impact escapement”, and the appearance style of the watch is consistent with the previous Grand Seiko style. Titanium case, ceramic ring, size 43.5 mm, 100 meters waterproof, it is a proper sports chronograph.

Panerai new Radiomir

In the past few years, Panerai has been focusing on stealth and Luminor series. This year, Panerai’s focus has come to Radiomir. Radiomir was originally the earliest shell shape in Panerai’s history, and this year’s “simple model” in the Radiomir series is exactly the old-fashioned route. The new model includes two regular models 1347/1348, and a “California face” model 1349. 3 watches, all of which are 45mm, the steel case is made of PVD coating for an old-fashioned effect,

and has a blue pointer blessing (imitating the 1930 vintage Panerai style). The 3 Luxury Fake Watches are all manual P5000 movements,

8 days of power, and the movements are through the bottom. This simple steel case with the charm of an antique watch is the most flavorful and most suitable Panerai for players.

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